Return of MoM

Many of the people in this forum probably don’t remember me, but I’m Mind Of Mjolnir. Former moderator, artist, drifter. I did the painting tutorials on the site for FM3 and FM4 including making realistic vents, glitter paint, and many other how-to’s. Making a small comeback in the painting world after almost a decade. Here are a few WIPs.
20201209-044936 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
20201207-153424 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Your pics aren’t showing for me Mjolnir, but welcome back all the same.

Always good to see some of the old school names popping up.



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Fixed my links, thanks.

If you go to your link, then go to the bit at the bottom about the embed code, look at the BBcode bit, copy that then get rid of the bits either side of the codes. Post that, your images should be visible as above (hopefully)

Welcome back! These forums are very quiet these days. So much has changed and these paints are more difficult than ever to share and to get reach on since they’ve gotten rid of the storefront without any explanation whatsoever. I’ll try to stay up to date with your work and support you! Happy painting.

I certainly remember you! And though this thread is 25 days old (don’t judge me, just bought 7 this weekend for the pc lol) I’m happy to see you back at it!

That was me, not sure why it posted as guest haha