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Welcome to the Forza Documentation Topic I had created. This is where I will house mostly history based documentation and other useful guides/history focused (credited in the form of replies) below as well. If you feel that the community would benefit off of your works, feel free to share it as a reply and give some background information about yourself and the topic at hand. If you are using outside sources, please properly cite it. As well as if they have a gamertag, please mention the gamertag in your reply!

My Contributions:

A list of every car ever featured into each Forza title as well as how many times it was introduced. Took about 6 months, 3 months lost to a google doc corruption and 3 months redoing it on excel. All of the work is my own except the photos which are included from the Forza Wiki (cited below). As well as double checking my list with the wiki to make sure I am not missing any Unicorn Cars or other cars. Now Includes the Expansion Cars as well (Photos Taken from the official website)
-Mercedes Needs to be Corrected!
-Photos Still Being Added!

Music From Horizon Titles Newest to oldest -FH5 ->FH1 (WIP):
-Horizon Rocks/Vagrant/XS

-Horizon Pulse

-Horizon Bass Arena

-Horizon Block Party

-Horizon Hospital Records

Forza Wiki. Fandom. (2008, March 31). Retrieved December 26, 2021, from Forza Wiki | Fandom

Welsh, Alan. “Blast off to Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels on July 19!” Forza, 12 June 2022, Blast off to Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels on July 19!.

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Great job! It would be better though if you blocked the third row at the top and added a filter so you can search cars and games quicker and also directly see which car was in which game.

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Im going to be honest with you I have no clue how to do that or I would… but appreciate the feedback and all it means a ton!

Hm… It seems you can’t lock rows in Excel online.


Filters are applied by going to Data > Filter

But you need to have the 3rd row at the top of the screen or select a cell in it I think.

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Definitely going to give it a try thank you so much!!

woahhh it worked so the top 3 rows are now frozen that is actually sooo helpful thank you! Maybe I can remove the color coding now


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More Documentation
I was talking about my Car List in the Official Forza Discord I was creating and stumbled upon @T10ManteoMax aka @ManteoMax mentioning about his list. Which shocked me as I didn’t know he had a list. It is extremely detailed and he had been been working on it for 11 years now and counting!! I highly recommend you check out his documentation as well!

Max’s Documentation and Website: ManteoMax's Forza HORIZON 5 Spreadsheets - Google Sheets

Gameplay Guides
Forza Horizon 4/5

If your ever struggling with progression in Forza Horizon 4/5 I highly recommend you check you @Quadro40k and his guides listed below:

@aeqnx a great friend and an awesome creator also has alot of awesome guides I recommend you check out!


Painting Guides
For those struggling in the painting scene I highly recommend you view this forum. It really revolutionizes the painting scene. When I first began to paint, this guide was recommended to me by @PTG_Wildcat (who is a super talented painter) and wish others knew about this. This guide created by @PJTierney helps showcase the pure power of glass 2k and the benefits. As well as glass2k obeying TOS so you have nothing to worry about. That being said its important to make sure that your paints you are creating obeys Forzas TOS itself (https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/360035563914-Forza-Enforcement-Guidelines)

Another Guide Created by the super talented @ABGRAPHICS showcased below also shows a different way to color match

Another awesome thing to use is (https://coolors.co/) which was recommended to me a while back by another super talented painter and great friend @aeqnx . This allows you to create a pallet of colors to help you view any incoming projects.

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For Glass 2k you can also use it if your a console player as well!! Same sort of rules apply… you still need access to a laptop/pc though to stream to your console. I run glass2k on my laptop and use xbox console companion to stream to my Xbox and do it that way. Do not be afraid to be creative with it

Tuning Guides
For tuning, I highly recommend you check out @HokiHoshi and @SepiSP4 . They both have great tuning guides as well and couldn’t really choose one or the other. Hoki is really good about going down into details about why tuning is affected by what you do. Sepsi aka SP4 is really good about explaining meta based tuning and how to really push your car to its limits.

HokiHoski’s Channel:

Sepsi (SP4)'s Channel:

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PR Stunts
Hi everyone, I’m a leaderboard hunter on FH5 and have been going after records for the past two years. I mainly specialize in PR Stunts, so I wanted to give people a rundown of how to learn more about this in case you want to improve your scores! I myself have a YouTube channel which I upload high scores on (typically legitimate world records), and there’s a number of other leaderboard hunters in our community which I would recommend checking out. Feel free to leave a reply in any of our comment sections in case you have questions. Additionally, we run a discord server that’s centered around PR Stunts, anyone is welcome to join if they want to learn more and improve.

Here is the link to the Discord Server: Forza Horizon PR Stunts

Here are the links to my channel, along with others in the community:

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Thank you so much! They really are the pr stunt leaderboard gods and super well mannered too.

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As an extra resource, I will attach our world record spreadsheet here. Since the leaderboards are currently flooded with hundreds to thousands of cheaters, it’s nearly impossible for most to track down what the highest legitimate scores are.

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Miscellaneous PDFs/Docs
Below are some of the Pdfs/docs I have found be shared across the Official Forza Discord for quite some time. If your not in the Official Forza Discord I highly recommend it (Forza Official). I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS WORK! This work is only shared to help others. If you ever see them make sure to thank them for their work… they have alot of time in it!

-Forza Horizon 5 Hard To Find List. Created by @SlowJournalist , @Hydra497107 and @TADDYBOYZZ#4063

-Forza Horizon 5 Cars With Super Wheelspins and other works by: @redbaronworks

-Johnsons Racing Tunes Consists of FH5-FH3 (link to his YT Channel: Johnson Racing - YouTube)
Created by @aTTaX_Johnson
Johnson Racing Tunes --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGK33hhvffYv5hUNqB0wVnQ for more - Google Drive

-Meta Tunes Continued (Fh5-Fh4)… Cannot Find the original owner please reply if you know the owner so I can give them credit.

-Snoases (Seasons) Meta Tuning Guide (YT: seasons - YouTube) Created by @snosaes
snosaes’ Meta Car List for Rivals/PVP - Google Sheets

-GhostOfRussia’s Tunes for (almost) all cars in FH5 Created by @Ghost5of5Russia

The discord server that was mentioned above is now merging into the private server that is officially opening up to anyone. The new and updated discord link is below!

They host a lot of competitions based upon pr stunts for rewards. (Not funded by pgg/t10 so awards are typically given through the auction house) If you are wanting to learn world record routes, line ups for pr stunts, or in general want to improve… I highly recommend joining and meeting the community members there.

With the upcoming 10 year anniversary tribute, we are getting a new radio station tribute (Horizon Mixtape), which was officially stated yesterday during the Forza Monthly and Lets go streams. Though it was teased throughout the week. Here are the songs! The nostalgia is like none other!

If you missed the livestreams or do not know where to access them… see the link below:

-Forza Horizon 5: Horizon Mixtape

Personal Ease of Access/Other WIP Projects

-Eventlab Database
This will be where I house eventlabs I stumble upon whether for racing/drifting/photo opportunities you name it its probably there somewhere

-Oliver023’s Drift Builds

-Oliver023’s User Car Wishlist

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Forza Documentation [History, Guides, and More]