Retire from Races

Would love a retire option … i hate one track so much i just cant do it its the 3e track in premium performance, vir full.

Just hate it… makes no sence at all.
But cant skip it it quit or restart, retire would be a good option

We need the option to retire from races that we wreck the car to the point of having no ability to continue. Project cars 2 has the option to retire if you feel the need to not continue the race after a wreck but still want to count as a loss. I feel that should be applicable in this game as well.

If you pit damage is fixed no?

If you are already lapped by the entire field because your transmission brakes, suspension suffered catastrophic failure and you’re half way round the track, you don’t want to drive the wreck to the pit at 20mph or less when you know you’re never gaining any positions even if you make it to the pit

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