[RESOLVED] VIP Double points disappeared

Hi, Just had my first day with the game, everything was ok until I was playing Evolution Open - 3rd race, made a heck of a mess of driving the VIP BMW M4 Forza Edition so at the end of the race I hit the restart race tab. Since then I have no VIP Double points Mod. Please help…
Regards Nigel

XBox One Standard Disk, added VIP membership through game hub.

Vip doesnt currently have double credits
They are going to change it so it will with probably the next update

If you finished the race, and got the payout, that counted as one use of your VIP mod.

Yeah sounds like maybe you have used up that mod card maybe. Hopefully you haven’t used them all because the definition of soon seems to be flexible as to when the VIP fix will be released. Here’s to keeping up hope that they don’t make us wait until their precious Xbox One X comes out on the 7th to get it.

thanks guys, I bet i have used up the mod… was playing for 6 hours… doh!
On another note on every forza game till now you got rewarded for playing the previous forza, I’ve been a big online multiplayer racer with forza for years but this time, nothing??

You got driver suits depending on what tier you were at when you first started fm7

Also you would have needed to apply the mod cards to use them