[RESOLVED] Did not receive HotWheels mustang.

Did the championship, came first on all 3 races, expert ai level and no one in our convoy got the car. We had all other objectives complete but didn’t receive the mustang. Any help?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to do the races by yourself to win the car. If you’re in a convoy, the reward changes to super wheelspins.

Elmsdon was the only one we (5 player team) almost lost. In the last 5 seconds I blocked 4 drivatars enough for 2 teammates to come up 5 places each, I fell to 4th, we still won. The circuits weren’t difficult.

Yep, HW Mustang is only for Solo, not for PvP or Co-op.

GreatFlea815883, no idea what you’re talking about.

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It wasn’t difficult with 4 low-level randoms.

GreatFlea815883, you seem to be talking about something else completely. HW Mustang is a reward for a solo Seasonal Championship.

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Lol… Yeah, I was thinking of the black racing suit.


Please submit a ticket on our support site for assistance.

Thank you

Nvm I posted this right before I found out about the fact you need to do it in solo.

Ok, Glad to hear you got it sorted!