Resolution of User Generated Liveries

One of the promoted features of FH5 was high definition vinyls for user generated content. Are these available on PC, or only XBox Series? I ask because they still look pretty blocky to me on my PC. Nowhere near as crisp as FM7.

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They look just as good as FM7 on PC for me.

This is very close up…

Looks improved to me!

I can’t complain about them either. They look extremely crisp on PC.

Shapes and fonts still look as blocky as it can be on PC on 4K. Don’t understand how you can’t see it.

The picture posted above is explicit enough. Don’t tell me this looks crisp. The “Read end formula” is extremely ugly.

There is no progression from FH4 on my side.

Can’t complain a lot about the game but these low res liveries are really a pain. Half of the liveries don’t look good from moderately close distance if there are shapes or fonts.

some people are sooo picky about anyhting, instead of just having fun with the game.

They said the resolution was going to be better, and it’s not. Maybe that’s not important to you, but it’s important to me.

In the sample below, the UGC resolution appears to be exactly the same as FH4:



Source Vinyl:

If someone out there has an Xbox Series X and a Monte Carlo SS, I would be interested to know if this vinyl looks any better there. Share code is 716 920 910, if someone wants to try it out. Trigger Warning for anyone offended by SS emblems!

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I’m not feeling it!




Wow. This is one thing I wish they had copied from FM7, what a difference.

I have made a lot of vinyls in FH4 which are quite detailed copies and it is disappointing to see how blocky they come out when put on the car. Would have been good to see them looking better in FH5.

Your settings seem to be way lower than mine. All my settings are on full.

My setting mostly defaulted to “High”. I did try setting World Car Level of Detail and a couple of others that seemed like they might be pertinent to “Ultra”, but this is still the UGC resolution I am seeing. I’ll tray maxing out the others and see if I can get better results. This is on an RTX 2070 8GB, BTW. Thanks.


Looks like this on my PC…

By the way this is 1080p I don’t use 4K.

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Interesting. Maybe it is a VRAM consumption thing. The 4K fame buffer doesn’t leave enough memory for the high-res textures? I’ll have to experiment with it. Thanks.

Okay, I have set the resolution to 1080p (which looks like a veritable tile mosaic on a 43-inch monitor) and pretty much everything else in the Video and Graphics section to maximum. Still getting chunky vinyls. Do you have more than 8 GB of VRAM? I’m running out of ideas. Thanks.

Okay, I think I have it figured out. I ran the benchmark, and then set the “Extreme” preset. I didn’t even know there was a setting above Ultra. There was some prominent stuttering, so I backed some of the setting off, like Particle Effects and Terrain Detail, and have it where it seem to be running pretty good at 1440p. I think World Car Level of Detail set to Extreme is the key. Thank you for your help.

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I’ve set a bunch of different settings to every value I can think of, and these liveries still look godawful. Playing at 1440p, not even close to running out of VRAM, but it looks terrible. What on earth is going on with this?

Try extreme setting.

In graphics setting, try setting Preset to “Extreme”. The game may not run smoothly that way, but the vinyls should be as crisp as they are going to get. You can work the various settings down from there, until the game runs acceptably.

I just tried comparing. It does look like FH5 is improved over FH4.

First here’s the Chevrolet logo, in the garage and then zoomed in closely in photo view.

I then looked at one of my vinyls (on one of my Crown Vic paints). While I won’t say it looks GOOD in FH5 exactly, it looked diabolical in FH4. Compare how it looked in the editor originally:



Full size: