Resizeable BAR - 10% more fps for free

I’ve been waiting for some time to be able to implement this, but finally was able to do it today. I needed to do the following:

  1. Download a BIOS update for my 3080 graphics card (this was the last thing to become available, and was why I couldn’t do it until recently).

  2. Download a BIOS update for my motherboard.

  3. After updating the motherboard’s BIOS, go into the BIOS settings and turn on resizeable BAR.

What you need to do will depend on what graphics card and motherboard you have, and not all hardware can support it at all.

My framerate for the FH4 benchmark improved from 160fps to 176fps at 1440p Ultra with 8x MSAA.

Edit: I should add, it also requires a pretty recent Nvidia graphics driver, which I already had, but they only added support for it fairly recently, so if someone had an old driver, they’d need to update that as well.

:cries in 1050 TI:

Yeah RTX 30 series only.

Ah, I wasn’t sure what exactly can support it. I suspect they COULD add it to older cards (it has been part of the PCI-E spec for ages) but are choosing not to do the work to update the BIOS for them. A pain when it’s so hard to buy a 30 series card even if you don’t mind spending the money, and I wouldn’t have bought my 3080 at the price the retailer is currently listing them at.

Yeah this is one of those benefits where if you have the new hardware needed to turn it on, you really don’t need to turn it on :slight_smile:

Yeah this game runs fast on modest hardware, any 30 series is going to make mincemeat of it. Some people who have high refresh monitors though, would still benefit from more frames.

GPU prices and availability is crazy at the moment, I could easily sell my 1660 on for more than I paid new two years ago. But it’s still good enough, and new GPUs will probably cost silly money for years at this rate, due to the unwelcome return of the mining insanity.