Reset rivals time

Hi! Is there a way to reset just the rivals times or to not race the best time rival ?

Of course there is the choice to select one rival but I see a problem with it:

If I drive a R class car with 899 pi, my best time is 1:00 , so next opponent time is 0:59
If I drive another R class car with pi 801, I select an opponent with time 1:50 and beat it at 1:49, I want my next ghost to be the next best time of 1:48, not 0:59.


No - sorry, there is no current way to reset your rivals time. Rivals are kind of about setting your ultimate best time in that class. The only way to change your next rival is to beat that time or select a new rival yourself manually.

So I think you’re left with manually tracking the times yourself.

If you’re running the same track each time, I guess you could follow a number of different drivers at set intervals throughout the spread of times and then select your next rival from the friends list leaderboard each time but it won’t be exactly what you’re after. Some of those drivers could over a period of time move up the leaderboards themselves, which could leave you with uneven gaps in your selection. It’s not ideal but it might give you a closer ghost to chase down than your ultimate next rival & will entail going back to the track selection screen each time to select your next rival.

Sounds like a faff to me.

The only time it’s bothered me was when entering a hot lap competition, where I already had a competitive time on the board. If we’re choosing from potentially sub-optimal cars to run the HLC, there’s always a chance I won’t be able to beat my current time but as yet, I’ve always managed to get there through perseverance and a little luck!