Requesting Replica Livery, Please Read

My self and a friend are looking for a nicely recreated version of both #25 and #26 Andretti Autosport RC Cola on the Indy Lights car.

The livery is for a league but the only series required logos are driver numbers and manufacturer logos in prescribed spots.

Please PM me if your are interested and can help us.

Thank you.

The design doesn’t have to exact in terms of the minor sponsors, the designer is welcome to adding his own personal touch. Car will be featured across many virtual leagues and social media sites.

Which car is it for?

#77 Infiniti Indy Lights car

When do you need it for?

Next friday work?

I could probably get it done in a few weeks. I don’t think a week is enough time for me because I have a load of other paints I want to get done as well, I’m quite a slow painter. There’s a few painters in here that deal with F1 Cars and Open wheelers so have a look through the threads and maybe ask those guys since they specialize in those paints?

Sorry I couldn’t help out bud

no worries, it kinda got sprung up last minute so i knew timing might be an issue.

but i’ll look around, feel free to give a try and keep me posted. ya never know, you might make the only version :wink: lol