Request for Forza Race Regulations penalty issue examples

Troubleshooting topics should normally be limited to one idea each; this topic is a special case to round up examples about this feature.

The Forza team is looking for examples of issues related to Forza Race Regulations in all areas of Forza Motorsport. We are looking for details in these aspects of FRR:

  • Multi-car collisions
  • Specific corners and tracks
  • Intentional Ramming
  • Consistency in penalties in similar scenarios
  • Incorrect player penalty
  • Penalty time too harsh
  • Incorrect cumulative time penalty
  • Other FRR settings or issues

In all reports a video clip is valuable to help the team understand the issue. Whether you post a video or screenshot please explain the issue in detail (a picture with a vague comment like “look at this” is not very helpful). Please include:

  • Game mode (Featured Multiplayer, Builders Cup, etc),
  • Event name
  • Track name and specific corners
  • Car model (including model year)
  • Your platform and game settings for Difficulty, Visuals etc
  • Steps to repeat the issue if possible
  • What you think the result should have been vs what the game ruled

It’s also helpful to the team if you can rate each issue by the impact to you - is it the highest priority or a lesser inconvenience? Is it happening frequently or rarely?

Please also continue to upvote player reported topics such as this one:

Thank you for your feedback!

I mean, go look at Reddit. There’s a whole catalog of incidents that are recorded and ready to view.


Additional note: this topic is for specific examples only. Please continue to use Forza Motorsport (2023) Discussion for general comments about FRR.

We’re aware of Reddit examples and are reviewing reports from other channels as well.


With all due respect, just watch some popular YouTubers. Why should the player base have to put in all this work? It’s everywhere you look.


Sorry that I do not have a video of this, I wanted to save this race since it was really good, but had an issue where the replay couldn’t be saved. I can however explain it!

Game mode > Featured Multiplayer

Event name > D class Open Series

Track name and specific corners > Catalunya National, after La Caixa (hairpin back straight)

Car model (including model year) > Ford Escort RS Turbo (1986)

Your platform and game settings for Difficulty, Visuals etc > PC, all assist off, racing line on braking, no track limit visuals

Steps to repeat the issue if possible > Have two cars take eachother out in front of you, blocking the entirity of the road in front of you. You’re given the choice to either: 1. Drive into them, ruining their race even more and risking a penalty, 2. Come to a complete standstill and wait for the cars to clear, or 3. Slightly let go off your throttle (or apply the brakes a little) just to be alert and go outside of track limits to avoid them (left side, wheels just over the white line). I chose for the third case (obvious choice for me).

What you think the result should have been vs what the game ruled >
What the game did: Give a penalty (+0.8) for an illegal pass.
What I expected: Either no penalty, or a warning for track limits.

I’m sorry, what?

You sold me a buggy game and now I’m supposed to help fix those bugs?

Okay, I can do it.
Give me my money back and pay me as a beta tester.

It’s easy.
You want games, fun and variety — Then pay for a game.

Test a game and find bugs — Then get paid for your work.


Sorry I have don’t have any video ou screen of the incident but I will descibe the best I can what happened at the beginning of race in Spa right after the first corner in career mode (against AI).
I started in 10th position and took a good start. First corner, every cars brake, start turning, so far so good.
I put myself on the exterior of the turn trying to avoid any car. Then, back on the straight, half of the pack in front of me collides and takes the complete width of the track. So to avoid them, I did what every race driver would do, go off track and go around the accident. I guess that now you have pointed the problem. On this part of the track, the outside is in tarmack so I almos lost no time in the maneuver. But as I went Off Track and overtake about 8 cars, I got a nice and clean penalty of 2,5 sec…
I play on Xbox X with a Thrustmaster TS-XW wheel and T3PM pedals.
Hope it is clear enough, thank you for you’re work…

They don’t care. Turn 10 does not care. It’s very obvious on how things have been going for the past year there. So. Get over it. They don’t care.

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Hi, no idea if I’m using this correctly or not, but just to report I’ve now just played 3 races back to back in both GT and Open S Class racing with 3 identical incidents whereby the car behind nudges you as you enter or exit a corner and you spin instantly. Its basically a race ending incident for you, but the car behind you drives through with either no penalty or minimal penalties applied


Everyone is quick over one lap in qualifying and can put fast times in, but not everyone can or does drive cleanly. I’ve only ever had an S class safety rating and I dont understand how I can be coming up against these people.


Change your penalties so they are weighted based on the time lost by the ‘victim’ because I’ve basically lost my entire race and they might have a 2.25 time addition? I was running 4th and dropped to 17th. This is unfair.


its Wreckfest out there so dumb racing online is unbearable. Black flag and pit drive thorough penalties are needed lets got turn0 only complaint it rank s should only race s.

This copy/paste from FRR beta test lobbies in FM7 is a complete fail, FRR needs an overhaul “from the ground up”

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I have no replays saved and they would not work anyway so I need to go from how I remember things happened.

Featured open D class:
Road America, 1 full lap to go, I am on straight near the start / finish line. Driver I’m passing pushes me to wall and I lose 1 or 2 positions because of it. Same driver pushed car in front of me to same wall 1 or 2 laps earlier. Zero penalty for the driver. Car I used was some hatchback I guess, can’t remember anymore. I have seen similar things happening on other tracks too.

Featured open S class:
Nurburgring GP. Maybe 4th or 6th corner from race start, driver behind me crashes to my car when I was braking to corner pushing me straight to car in front of me. I got a penalty for crashing.

Same race, I’m braking to corner 14. Car behind me crashes to my car and I go instantly off track. I get penalty for missing 2 corners. Car used was 2018 Audi TT RS.

Le Mans: I am approaching the last left turn before long straight. Car in front of me (which obviously have a very good braking power) suddenly slams on brakes way too early for braking to the corner. When I noticed what is happening I also went full braking but couldn’t avoid crashing to that car. 4 seconds penalty for me.
While this technically may well be my fault I wrote this because:
-driver in front of me didn’t go wide or off track (corner was still way ahead)
-driver didn’t lose any positions or even time really
-I didn’t get any advantage from this, in fact it cost me time
-there was no any other reason I could see for this sudden full braking

Considering these, a four seconds penalty and a safety class drop S>A is a bit harsh in my opinion considering you usually seem to get a lesser penalty or even no penalty for pushing other drivers wide or even completely off the track and taking their spot. Car used was 2018 TT RS.

Even though I am pretty familiar with Nurburgring and Le mans tracks I still use braking line for every race I drive on featured multiplayer just to keep races as clean as possible.

One thing I have experienced multiple times at first few corners of Lime Rock is drivers with very high grip cars (usually race cars) catching you in corner and basicly pushing you wide by slightly bumping to your car several times until you lose your driving line. Usual penalty for this: 0.

I completely agree that safety rating should be primary value and skill rating only secondary value on matchmaking. I also think game should determine penalty time by actual time lost (in some fixed timeframe after collision like 10 or 15 seconds). Even the slightest collision should count if it results losing a position in race in the next 3 to 5 seconds or so.


Probably impossible to program, but the other night I got a big penalty for finding myself thrown into a giant crash in t1 (I don’t remember the track), but it was funny to me that I got penalty for avoidable contact when I literally had 1/5 th of a second that I saw the car spinning towards me and no room to move out the way.

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I don’t have any videos available (who thinks to record things), but in Muti-player on any track, the first corner is about 80% guaranteed to be chaos. I lost my S Safety rating because I got rammed from behind into the car in front of me and I received a 3.25 second penalty.

I guess once the replays are fixed I can start recording them but I have a recommendations for T10 in the meantime.

  • Remove all time penalties for going into grass/off course on a straightaway! (0% chance of getting penalized) It’s really dumb to penalize a player for passing/dodging another play who is crashing on a straight. Besides I don’t know of any car that can gain time with 4 tires in the grass on a straight.

-Rammers need to get DQed almost immediately with very high penalties This needs to be recalibrated in FRR by G intensity and speed discrepancy. The slower car hit from the rear should never be penalized if in the braking zone! (Should be opposite on straightaways to accommodate for brake checking!)

These 2 suggestions would be a step in the right direction and fix some of the major issues right now.


Them shameful rammers sure do make for good entertainment don’t they?!

Lol I do agree it would be so much easier if reporting and sending feedback could be done in game. Turn 10 could even hire like 10-20 people just to review and transfer what was reported to the team.


No video but easy enough to describe.

Final turn at Maple Valley. The car in front hits the wall on the left, bounces onto the track right in front of me and I get the penalty for “avoidable contact”.

This type of contact happens all the time and could be avoided with a track re-design by not having so much off track ground on that last corner and what is essentially a ramp launching them back into traffic.