Request for 3 Paints please!

Hello guys!!

Theres talks with guys I race with on a Weds and a Friday about a GT series being conjured up after the current touring car season we have currently underway. No confirmation but I wish to be prepped incase it is!! now, my request is that I wish to have 3 cars prepped and ready to test! Those cars are::

#56 Chamberlain Viper- Black with Yellow Striped livery on the 2016 Viper GT3 car
#60 Team Augusta Racing Callaway Corvette - Painted on the Corvette C7 GT3 car
#79 Konrad Motorsports 911 OR #72 Larbre Competition 911 OR #88 Van Der Horst 911 - Painted on the 911 Flying Lizard Porsche (3 paints for the Porsche, Pick 1 Only, any will do :D)

May I also request that my number that I use for both days (weds and Fri) be added to the cars please?, the number being #97.

Thanks for the time taken to read this, be very much appreciated !!

Gtag is EXE Sasser if I need to be contacted

Thanks again guys.