Reporting wreckers/crashers

Does anyone have more information about how the process of banning a person due to having been reported as a wrecker happens? Like…
How many reports for a person does one have to have filed against him does it take to result in a ban?
And if it takes multiple reports, do they have to be unique or can one person report the same person 5 times (if that’s the magic number) and he then be banned?
Also, how long do these bans last?

Turn 10 really needs to have room moderators. Because while the current system does have tools in place to punish the intentional wreckers, the system depends on the users to actually use the tools. The vast majority of players do not frequent these forums and have no idea that kicking and reporting are even options they have at their avail. I understand that there are downsides to having one person with that kind of “power”. But we have them here on the forums. Why not in rooms? If you want to limit their power then only give them the ability to kick. And maybe add more weight to their reports. How would you choose moderators? Let people apply. I would do it. I would probably spend way too much time doing it too. It just bothers me that such a fun online experience is so purposely ruined by these people and they are free to have as much fun at doing it as they want because there are no police.

It would be nice to have Turn 10 chime in given the severity of this problem and the fact that wrecking is a growing trend, even causing clean racers to retaliate and become wreckers themselves. It needs to be stopped. I, for one, don’t spend nearly as much time online racing because it just gets crazy sometimes. I really don’t care if I win or lose. But if I get beat I want it to be because the other drivers are better than I am, not because I’m being knocked off course at every turn.

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We don’t have information on numbers.

If you’re willing to volunteer, try joining the Xbox Live Ambassadors program and Enforcement United: Xbox Support

Other than that, contact the developers at

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