Replays not saving

I rarely complain anything, but this is getting a “bit” annoying

Most of the replays have saved quite well up until today, Only long replays have had issues, and I could understand that 15+ cars on hour replay can have issues and therefore it wouldn’t save. But just attempting to save it crashes the lobby.
After the update today, I haven’t been able to save even under 10 min replays.

Yes unfortunately this is a real problem for CUSTOM LEAGUE RACING, not the built in system. People need to verify people don’t cheat, and also assess racing incidents between competitors. This is not possible with replays not saving.

Yes this is terrible for organized leagues!!! Please fix

Also for some youtubers. I’m “regular” helper for one of one youtuber, and we have already gone for “everyone tries to save replays”, cause it’s unlikely that he get’s the replay saved, even though he tries. and it’s not actually unusual that no’one get’s the replay, which has already caused some issues, and several hours of extra work.

Hard reset?

Oh but I do hard resets on daily basis.

Yes I can confirm nobody in the group of 30+ has been able to save league race replays. It seems to be related to the time duration of the replay. Unfortunately there was basically the same issue in the last 2 games, that being said I’m confident the will fix it, we just have to hold on until then!

Multiplayer Replays Not saveable