Replays and Videos on PC

When I had FH4 it was on XBox One S, but being as FH5 required more power I moved to PC. I made a lot of videos on XBox One, but on PC I am just trying it out for the first time…

Goliath Pro Video

Unlike the Xbox One the engine doesn’t change sound for gears which is pretty bad. You can also see that the tyre smoke goes through the car.

maybe its becuase its a long replay, i never had a problem with replays and I on PC(I dont have much experence with replays on FH5 though).

The tire smoke isn’t going through the car, it’s going over the top and underneath the car, it just looks like that because of how it’s rendered. This happened in FH4 as well.

It’s going through the car.

As GameDev (who worked for corp x) u should know how the particlesystem for the smoke works… Or watch 00:30 and think about it

For the soundthingy

As a game dev I know that you don’t have to use the particle system for smoke if it creates problems, you can make your own smoke system.

How do you expect to make a “smoke” system without a particle system? im sorry but as a dev you must be pretty bad… (im also a coder myself) lol.

The problem with the particle system in FH5 is that it doesnt respond to any collision boxes. Period. Thats the only thing they need to change.

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yeah the engine sound and smoke make it hard to watch! almost painful!!