Replay value when its all said and done?

I cant play until the XB1X comes out next weekend.I have the UE like alot of people.Im hoping a massive update will make some of these forum problems alittle better,because my brain is fried reading all the negative and well deserved concerns about this game.Having said that online seems like a landmine unless you can make it private,but do you feel like F7 has good replay or long enough value to make you continue racing or is it career mode over im done?

Im thinking it might be patched to open more things for us to do.Anyway thanks upfront!Come on friday.

just like with forza 6, once I am done with career mode I will spend all my time in free play mode. that is where all the replay value is at.


Do the championship with long races - that’ll take you a while to complete.

Single player alone if you try to do ALL the races is gonna take a bit of a while depending on how long you can play in one sitting.

Multiplayer on the other hand can be a HUGE mess.
Game crashing to desktop/dashboard being the worst thing.
The game forcing you to game chat is another PITA.

When MP works properly its a blast I’ve been having really close races for the most part due to the homologation specs. (still want/need ability to buy stock cars)

I have a feeling that atleast in my case the crashes are because my day one xbox is starting to go out.

So replay value?
High if MP works right.

As of right now?
Hit or miss, based of the game crashing for you or not.

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Ther is much more to this game than MP truth be told I HATE MULTI PLAYER OPEN PLAY FREE FOR ALL. Now then Free play is a blessing in disgise in this game lots to do and till In the words of Forza

We will be making more game content available as our playe base increases so far looks like player base is shrinking so no more content till then I guess unless it appears in Games for Gold as a freebee or in the game libary.

Either would boost sales I guess

Game Good Game Fun I like game just hate the problems it is having.

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Got to like the way people think the Xbox One X is a magic Bullet and will fix the game it is still an Xbox running the same OS just upgraded hardware

Free Play is your best friend in this game unlimited races of any type against any car once you work out how to use it Buckets are your best mate in free play make any sort of racing possible.

Career way to short or could be because no Add On out yet will have to wait and see on that if there are any There seemed to be more content in FM 6 like the number of Challanges to do Not postive about total races but still have not finished FM6 Plus this is my First and Last title I have preordered normaly wait a couple of months and buy on Sale lesson learned.

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I don’t think he mentioned anything about the xb1x being a magic bullet. It appears he’s waiting for its release to play the game for lack of a current Xbox.

I’ve got over 50 hours in career and probably that much to go. I wouldn’t be as far along as I am had I used last no or extra long races for the first several series.

Was a tad hard to tell from his post if he has played or not or tried to play on PC who knows, But ther have been quite a few coments about the game working on the Xbox X better than it will or has on the Xbox One not X so guess we will see what happens.

So far I have clocked up 74 hours race time and covered 7418 miles in over 700 races so yea a lot to do have 7 races left in Campaign and then it is all done and dusted and was going to move on to freeplay but hit a snag free play no longer loads a track that fix we got to fix VIP broke free play for me and some others on xbox so will now have to wait till they release a fix to fix the fix for VIP that broke my freeplay so till they Fix the fix to the VIP fix :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: not sure what I will do race wise.

Honestly? Yes.
Free mode is so… Expansive.
Holy crap.
My advice? Start a league with you and some friends. You don’t need anything other than a group of like-minded people in the game, preferably with a method of communication, everything else just makes it easier.
I’m currently doing a mini endurance series with a group of about 12 people, 22 laps each race, once a week, slowly making our way through every track. Rules and restrictions? For now it’s just S class, race tires, and roll cage.
There’s so many options for our mini-events that divide the racing “seasons” (5 weeks of races) that we’re approaching our first one and still have to figure out what the rest will be.
You want to do a private M series versus AMG league? it can set that up
Mustang versus camaro? Set it up
half the grid racing b class, half the grid racing R class, separate leaderboards?
We can do that.
This kind of free mode makes me nostalgic of the old party games. Mario kart, super smash brothers. Free play genuinely makes me want to throw a LAN party again.

I’m holding off on longer races until the game crashing on pc is resolved.Nothing more aggravating than to have 10+ laps in and the game shuts down to desktop.
Yes it will hopefully be better when they give us the rest of the game,sucks to have to wait this long…

In my opinion, the replay value of FM7 is drastically less than previous iterations of FM. The main reason for this is the lack of hotlapping in Rivals and the lack of class and division based leaderboards. Why they remove core features that are the the basis of Motorsports (who is the fastest driver) is beyond me, but T10 likes to fix what is not broken and remove features that kept the core user-base coming back iteration after iteration…


Same here, I have no interest in the online demolition derbys so replay value was always through Rivals and leaderboards.

I feel like there is nothing for me in FM7 after career mode is finished.

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After career with races set to long or extra long l’ll do some rival events, start to tune my cars and try to set some leaderboard times.
That should keep me busy for some time. But l expect the leagues to be opened next month too. Racing there has been a way better experience than in mp hopper lobbies.

There’s a lot to do besides of the career.

You have to get thru the first time around before worrying about the replay. Once or if they fix the major issues affecting playability for quite a few of us I have little doubt the game could keep anyone happy in free play until the next edition with the amount of cars and tracks etc I don’t mind the free play at all. Plus all the other features yet to open.

The problem is that most of my time spent in free play will be using rental cars, and that means i won’t be earning any credits once i complete the ridiculously short “career”. And i will not be doing multiplayer unless they introduce a mode i like. I guess any credits i get from then on will be from Forzathon events, Forza Rewards or a rare time i go on multiplayer.

I have never used a rental in freeplay go to the freeplay options and set car type to any then go and find a good FE car that you own, go to tunes max the eyeballs out of it and then go back to freeplay advanced options set buckets to 2, set first to any type, number of cars 1 max and minum go to next tab set to A or B class then set to 23 max and min set drivtar to Unbeatable for 100% boost, FE car 100%, Vip 100%, add 3 x 100% boost cards and you get a whopping 600% boost to base pay If you pick the VIP FE sSuper Sport that has 50%+50% for over 150mph and go to the Brickyard and do 50 laps you will get 110,000 base x 600% enjoy your Freeplay all this in less than 40 minuits

Track based racing games rarely have any replay value for me. I think the last one that did may have been R4 with its different stories for each team, and having to progress in specific ways to unlock all the cars. Forza Motorsport games tend to become a repetitive grind for me before I complete them. But I get enough enjoyment out of them that I don’t regret it… usually. FM4 was the exception there.

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This, my friend, can swing both ways. If they eventually iron out ALL audio and visual problems with the game, we may have the best FM game to date on our hands. If not… well, mehh, there’s other stuff you can try out and stick to it. I’ve seen a growing trend since Horizon 3 - they release games that aren’t quality tested properly. Horizon 3 is certainly not as bad as FM7 because it had a few car sound accuracy issues, nothing major apart from that. FM7 on the other hand has mind-numbing issues with the car audio, plus a complete myriad of graphical glitches and a laggy interface to boot. I haven’t run into that many CTDs (crash to dashboard) myself but I’m told the game is really unstable, especially on PC.

The big update you refer to BTW, are the 4K textures. That’s it. You can try your luck mate. If you still love playing just Forza, there’s always the previous games and those really are good compared to FM7.

Replay value?

Do you like driving cars?

700+ cars (and incoming DLC).

A large amount of race tracks.

Drive the cars.

I could drive for years. Don’t even need to race. Driving is the reward.


Racing games generally all have the same repeatability. That is, if you enjoy racing cars whether it be online or in free play then you will find a lot of value. If you enjoy collecting cars, you will find value.

If you do not enjoy the above, then this likely is not going to give you much joy.

While I cannot speak for the multiplayer component I have dropped about 75 hours into the game so far and this has all been within the single player campaign, of which I am just over half way through.

Like you I am looking forward to playing it on the XOX - I have a 4K HDR tv and am excited for the boost in quality!