Replay System in FM6?

Ok, so I know its a demo but I am not dropping my money on a game that might not have a replay system in it… I am already SORELY disappointed that the replay system got worse (from FM4 to FM5) … So nice demo, although still feels arcade like because of lack of serious damage modeling, smashing into a wall at 170 mph (with simulation setting on) in an open wheeled car is NOT something you can possibly drive away from intact.

So is there a replay system in FM6?

If you pay attention to the notes in the bottom right of the race loading screens, one of the tips are “watching replays in rivals can help you become a better driver” or something to that effect. Come on man, this is a demo. Not everything in the full game is in this demo. Replays have even been talked about in interviews with telemetry data being available in them. Did you search this subject before you posted it?

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You can watch replays in the demo by loading them from the rivals leaderboards, imo they are slightly improved over FM5.
I think it`s highly unlikely to not have replays in the other game-modes on the full game.

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Thanks for answering the question without snarky-ness. I will look into the rivals method of viewing the replay when i get home from work later today.

I ask the question because its NOT beyond the realm of impossibility that a REPLAY SYSTEM would be missing from the full game. Some of you might that that is a ridiculous thought BUT when all of us bought FM5 who would have ever thought the Auction House not be in the game, esp after it worked so awesome in FM4.

Yes, of course ‘i am paying attention, this is a demo’ but I am also not going to support a game that ISNT listening to its community by keeping the features that made the game great or improving on the features within the game,… thats what happened with Call of Duty, a bunch of 10 year olds or fan boys play it and they forgot about how great the game was in Modern Warfare. (but thats another topic)

They’d never remove something like Replay, as it’s a core feature to the core gamaplay, which is driving.

The primiary reason they removed AH, had probably more to do with data infrastructure implementation problems, than it had to do with wanting to remove it. It was a launch title on a platform that handles data differently than its predecessor which can lead to things that have to do with player interaction being removed.