Replace the Spotlight Series with a Cycled Production Hopper

  • No tuning
  • No upgrades
  • All in same car
  • Skill based
  • Varying race lengths
  • Varying tracks, weather, etc
  • No qualifying/practice, just back to back races with a random grid

The way I see the current spotlight series is pretty unpopular. Never seem to get full lobbies - it doesn’t help you join one and 1st/2nd place have fully upgraded cars and speed off into the distance. A Cycled Production Hopper I think would be much more popular. Could be updated once a week with new cars/tracks.

Thats what the spec series are for?

The spotlight series is about getting that car upgraded so that, its progression based…

Maybe they can add a track based series within the spec series? Similar to the spec series where everyone has a choice of similarly specced cars but the track stays the same for the whole week. Drivers could then learn the track really well as the week goes on, encouraging clean and competitive racing.

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