Renault Alpine

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Such a pointless rant because of inaccurate taillights? GET A LIFE, seriously…


Pointless? It’s no just tail lights, it’s MANY cars. I gave this company $90 and I am going to be honest with them. The graphics are great, gameplay is fun, but the errors with the cars details are a joke! If you think it’s pointless you have no business playing a game dedicated to car lovers. The cars are the star of the damn game. You get a life!

as I seem to be much older than you, let me give you a lesson about netiquette (read carefully, might be life-changing):

If you express your feelings/opinion/complaint in a more polite and grown up way, people might actually take you serious. And dont call them puppets…

Btw, look what i found: Theres a thread already, meaning to collect all car-related bugs and glitches, you even posted in there:

It even has the alpine taillights covered already. So there’s no point to create a separate thread about this, right?

Unless someone is seeking attention…