Remove Skill Points Cap of 999

Please remove the CAP for Skill Points like we had in FH4. Current cap is 999 and requesting this to be removed. I realize the cap in FH4 was removed due to a bug that ate tons of players spent skill points because I had over 5K at one point, so it is possible to do.

Thank you!

What would be your use of that? A lot of players have 999, so do I. Once in a while I spent some, then in the blink of an eye I’ve won them back through a race, an arcade, etcetera. What is your idea if having let’s say 8000 SP?

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They don’t come back with a blink of an eye, they do take time.

The point is, if you’ve earned them above 999, then you should get them. I don’t see a real reason for the cap below 10K. If you have 10K then you’re farming or not using them…

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Why don’t you use your skillpoints?


I do, it’s just when I’m playing a lot, they end up getting capped off. Also, I’m a bit of a saver, there are times new cars come out and I like to buy out the entire skill tree, but have enough leftover. I use them every season with new cars I get or new cars I have to drive for seasonal stuff.

There seems to be a bit of a mix up between SP and FP here.

Car Mastery Points (SP) have always been limited to 999 in FH3, 4 & 5 - not sure about 1 & 2 as I haven’t been on there in a while.
Agree that there should be no reason for this limit though.
Forzathon Points (FP) - what’s used to buy new cars from the Shop - are not limited at all.

Currently have 30,357 FP just because I already own all cars so find no use for them other than the odd Shop reward not got (always clothing, Emotes, Horns) or the WS and SWS which I take just to use some up but they also build up fairly quickly from the Weekly challenge, Dailies and upgrading car skills using the SP (or XP to build them up).

In 4 it started out as 999 for SP. But when the game bugged and nuked points that were spent on cars, they gave back what they deleted. I got over 5K. From that point forward in FH4 your SP would go above 999. Here is my video on what you get for spending 5,100 Skill Points in Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 4 - Spending 5K of Skill Points & What that Gets You!

and one I did for 550 super wheel spins

OR, just remove skillpoints/trees from the game! I mean what is the point of them anyway? I sure havent gotten the idea behind them yet, seems useless…

They are just a modifier to what you would normally earn in XP, Credits, Skill Score to help along. Additional credits for completing events, etc. always helps.