Remember wheel rotation

So I usually run with my TX racing wheel’s rotation set to 360 degrees instead of 900 and I have all my deadzones zeroed out as well but when I unplug it and move it and plug it back up, the deadzones are the same but the rotation gets set back to 900 degrees, the only time it saves the rotation is if I keep the wheel plugged in. I’m not exactly sure if this is Thrustmaster’s fault or the game’s but either way I would love it if the game also remembered the wheel rotation like it does the deadzones.

It does that when unpluged,there was to be an update by T10 to fix this but has never happened yet.

You might try in this forum: There are several informative threads on that wheel.

There’s no way around it, once the wheel’s unplugged the wheel rotation gets set back to default yet the deadzones stay saved, they just need to update the game.

Come on, only takes a few seconds to go to controller menu in game or by hitting d-pad<- & mode on wheel, twice.

Yes but to be fair, it makes it a lot more complicated for when I have people over and they wanna try it out or frustrating for when I jump into a race forgetting that I unplugged it, start the race, realize what I’ve done so end the race, go back into my forza profile, then into controller and advanced settings then set my race back up the way I wanted. I’m just stating a simple bug that they could easily fix via update.