Reload after missing checkpoint

So, maybe I missed another post about this, if so, I do apologise…

In general I love the new update with the fix for wallriding and such, the online experience has definitely been improved. Unfortunately, I do still have one beef…

There are two basic scenarios which cause you to miiss a checkpoint. The first is your own fault, not paying attention, overshooting, misjudging turns and so on… However, there are times where someone will basically push you into a turn to early or out of a turn, blocking your abillity to actually make it.

In both scenarios you all to often get punished twice, not only do you miss the checkpoint and get reloaded, in too many instances you are reloaded to precisely the spot where you were when you missed the checkpoint, i.e. next to the checkpoint, making it impossible to recover and causing you to miss the checkpoint again.

Alternatively, it respawns you in a reasonable spot but with so much speed that you inevitably slam into a wall ahead of you…

I can see 2 possible solutions for this. Either you start from a stand still at a fixed point before the checkpoint, or at the same speed you ere doing at that particular point before the reload…

Can we get this sorted please?


As far as I know this only happens when you hit Rewind.

If you don’t, the game reloads you standing still right in front of the checkpoint (so it’s impossible to miss it).

So, if you’ve been pushed out of the checkpoint that you’d otherwise hit fine - do Rewind and you’ll be recovered to a reasonable position and with reasonable speed (well, if it was such to start with) - and you should be fine.

If you were too fast, too wide or both - do not hit rewind, let the game recover you itself. That way you’ll have to accelerate from standstill but you will not have a problem of flying past the checkpoint over and over.

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Ah, ok, that is interesting. I tend to hit rewind as I don’t want to wast precious time waiting for the timer to count down and recover me… Hope this is improved for those of us impatient enough to use the rewind option. In the meantime, I’ll try not to use it.

Try to hit a wall after missing a checkpoint :smiley: