Reinstating a livery design as a Featured design


I accidently unshared my Reaper design for the Bugatti Veyron SS when checking on the download stats (why is there not a confirmation check on this function?). This was a winner in the Week 10 Fantasy Livery competition but presumably is now not considered as a Turn10 pick? I appreciate that it is unlikely that the stats can be reinstated (13,327 downloads; 22,549 races; 1,454 likes) but is there any chance that it could be reinstated as a featured design?

Gamertag: RenardArgent
Car: Bugatti Veyron SS 2011
Filename: Reaper
Description: FantasyWk10

Reaper design

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

Its highly unlikely as others have been in the same boat as you find yourself in and their designs weren’t relisted. Its unfortunate but you’ll know to take better care next time.

I suspected as much - shame there isn’t a check like you get when you leave the paint shop without saving changes. :frowning:

The listing is based on the individual items purchases/usage, and once withdrawn those totals are gone.