Reinstalled FH5 on steam and lost all progress

As topic title states;
I cannot login to the support website it keeps giving me a 404 error, I called microsoft support and they said they cannot do anything since its a steam game, I would have to come here on the support website, which doesn’t work. Please help I don’t want to have to work back up to my 80 hours of played time…I had almost 400 of the cars unlocked and I will NOT do all that work again lol

Also; I tried using the email service, just gives me automated replies telling me to use the support website here lol. I’m at a loss.
How do I get into contact with someone to get my cars back if I can’t make a ticket because the website doesnt let me login to the support section, and no official forza moderation/help can even be expected in these forums…

It may be no consolation, but I can’t login either. There’s a few folk been complaining about it to the support Twitter account (me included), but they haven’t bothered to respond.

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At least its not just me. I tried getting ahold of microsoft and the lady on the line bless her heart gave me ‘forzamotorsports’.net which is a totally different company LOL
edit to avoid double posting:
also steam cant do anything either (i bought it on steam), this is like a customer support trap…the email support just keeps feeding me automated responses so I made an automated response that feeds back

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My profile became corrupted so i opened a ticket, May 4, noone is responding to it, i have lost 400 hours of progress, and now i cannot even update a ticket with the support site down. Ive been waiting 2 weeks now.


My condolences