This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t earn credits online, I can’t test cars after I build them, I can’t drive cars that I build online and you’re forced to race with collisions when half the people haven’t played the game before. Forza 6 is nowhere to be found on this game, I want my money back.

Contact whoever you bought it from

I get credits online…Maybe just a glitch

Its a digital copy.

Yeh so where did you buy it from
Microsoft or the xbox store
You contact them

You don’t win credits online because you’re renting cars instead of using your own.

You can test cars by loading up free play in a circuit race and pressing “Test Drive”

I have a feeling they will enable class based hoppers soon, only my thoughts though.


I’m not trying to be a jerk about it, it’s just the fact I would rather have waited longer for a complete game instead of playing something so broken. There’s always gonna be changes to the menus and various other functions, but to completely change the formula of what this game has been from the beginning was a major mistake. It’s “Forza Horizon 3 Apex 2.0” instead of “Forza 7” and apparently they thought they could bring both of these games together to make more money and they completely destroyed it in the process. It’s their choice, I just won’t be a part of it and its really sad because there isn’t anything left to replace it.

Hello !

Now it is time for my post !

I don´t post here what i did to install this …

I say only that :

I buyed a new PC with an amount of 13000 $ for this game, installed a clean version of windows 1703 and the store downloaded 95,3 gb of the files and reported the game is ready to start !

I click start in the Xbox App and what happens ?


I have checked all what this forum already posted, like wsreset and all so on…


Can u tell me why i pay 99 $ for this Ultimate Edition + 12470 $ for new Hardware + 370 $ Windows 10 Pro ???

And sorry for this Words :

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]
Did i need a new Identity ???

Tell me really what i need or give me completly me 99 $ back !