Refuelling Problem

I was running Daytona Oval in a Ford GT (free race mode 20 laps in simulation) and after 10 laps I needed to fuel up.
I entered the pits to fuel up and nothing happened, I just went back out on the track.

Am I supposed to do something when entering pits such as press a button, or should it refuel automatically, or is it a glitch?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but im new to the game and still finding my way around.


It should refuel automatically - the fuel gauge is the white bar beneath the brake and throttle indicator.

I know where the fuel gauge is and was keeping an eye on it while on track, I pulled into the pits at 10% left in the tank and left the pits still the same inevitably running out of fuel moments later.
Obviously a glitch…

No glitch, you entered the pits too fast for the car to be able to slow down and stop in your allocated pit box. Enter the pits slower, solved.

WHAT?! In every past title you would enter the pits and the game would take over control from you, slow to pit speeds, drive through the pits without stopping, and all the damage would get fixed, fuel refilled, etc.

Are you saying that now the car actually stops in the pit box? More importantly, are you saying you have control over the car in pit lane?

Stops: yes
Control: no

He is talking about the entering speed before the ‘auto-pilot’.

Btw …
Here’s my favorite pit stop vid so far, and also the reason i won’t do any pit stop in endurance races …

Thanks m8, I’ll try that

I did my first endurance race a few days ago, 35 laps and it was very enjoyable and tense. I stopped twice as at times was being told my front tyres were 70% worn. There was a glitch in pit lane where computer takes over control the car was swerving and scraping barriers. Not a major issue but obviously a glitch or flaw.

You don’t get to control the car once the pit sequence takes it over but you do have to be going slow enough for the AI driver to stop in the proper box. I had this problem at Indy trying to go into the pits full speed and got burned. You can come in fairly hot just not flat out crazy.

NOTE that when endurance racing the AI don’t pit as often as the player, the higher the level the less likely they are to pit. My 3 pits versus their 1? This needs fixing as winning SIMULATION driven ENDURANCE races is seriously tough because of this please fix ASAP. At the moment I race AI in EXPERT and am an AUTOMATIC DRIVER with the ULTIMATE GOLD DLC version of FORZA 6.