Redeem Rewards


Maybe this question has been asked 100+ times (I couldn’t find an answer for it), but how can I redeem the Forza rewards? When I click on redeem rewards, it takes me to the available rewards page and that’s all. I don’t get an extra button for sending the ifnormation, neither an mail from turn 10 in my forza game. Also I preordered like a week ago Forza 6 digitally and it isn’t showing in my rewards account. Thanks for any help.

When you click Redeem Rewards, it should say on the left how many days are left until your net Reward. If you tiered up, it should say there are rewards waiting for you.

It just say days for next rewards, points for next tier and redeemed rewards. Also 50,000 crs for Forza 5, 4 horizon and horizon 2, nothings else.

After you click redeem rewards, your rewards should be waiting for you in game in the message center for you to download.

Nop, nothing there.