RedDeads Gallery (9/18 update GT S feature)

Hey all, my name is RedDeadRiot. I’m newer to the forums, but a longtime Forza player and longtime photography (in real life) for fun guy.

I try to capture uniqueness in all of my photographs, and the elegance/power of racing and the cars we do it in.

Still working with the photo mode so I’ll only post pictures that I think are good quality. PLEASE let me know any tips you guys have!


Mercedes-AMG GT S

Every week I will feature a car of your choice, leave a comment with a recommendation!


Playing around in rain

Working on recovering flickr password lol

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Definitely a unique style, I love it!

I really like the first shot, I suggest experimenting with aperture. Great start :slight_smile:

Thanks! I started playing with it last night, i think i figured it out I’ll post some more tonight. Appreciate the feedback!

New Feature on the GT S with more pics throughout the weekend.

Nice shot!

My personal favourite has to be the last one.