Okay, so after our little fiasco a couple moths back, SIMPLY SIDEWAYS is looking to get the wheels turning again. We are only looking for skilled RWD drifters. We dont focus on points, we are strictly driven by style. that means pushing your self to get more angle, kiss more walls, putting your door closer to the other guys, and make it all look easy! there are currently 7 members on the team, and im only allowing 15 members max, so that means there are 8 open slots. I am currently looking to recruit someone creative, with video editing experience, and would enjoy making team videos. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, either reply here, or shoot me a pm and tell me what you’re all about. if you have any photos or videos we could check out, be sure to share them, or tell us where we could find them. im looking to see your creative side! Video editor will receive $1MILLION credits per individual driver video as long as it is of decent quality, and $5MILL for full team montages. also, members of SIMPLY SIDEWAYS will have full access to my entire line of detailed wide body over fenders sold in my store front at $50k a piece. i have sold around a thousand over fenders alone, and take requests. PLEASE NO DRAMA! the moment i hear about you starting any kind of drama, or hear you whining about a door tap, ill T-bone your A$$, and remove you from the club immediately. i wont have our other members feel belittled by your cocky arrogance. i don’t care what you’re ranked on the leader boards, if you like being sideways, and just chilling with a great group of guys, you’ll fit right in! PLEASE, ONLY ACTIVE MEMBERS! if you make it on to the team, and you are M.I.A for a week, you will be replaced! also please note, you MUST HAVE A MIC! we have already gone down that road trying to tandem with people without mics, its just more of a pain in the A$$ than its worth.

*** PLEASE SUBMIT ONE REPLAY OF YOU DRIFTING FUJIMI STAGE A REVERSE WITH TRAFFIC (this can be found in your event list in the far right bracket as “king of the mountain” ***

we are not a strictly fujimi drift team, but drift there often, and that will give us an idea of your car control and style of drifting, weather youre just rushing to make it to the bottom, or staying to the outside soaking up all that angle! We look forward to drifting with you guys, take it easy!

there are now 8 open slots. welcome to the team XXW2RDXX (Matt)! we are still taking in skilled drifters. also as mentioned above, we are still looking for someone who enjoys video editing. dont be shy guys, were a good group of guys just looking to share the fun!