Recruiting: New Drift Club [EDA]

EDA - Exalted Drift Alliance

Whether it’s for YouTube, twitch, or just drift in a free roam with friends EDA will be the club to be in. The club has just been created and several members of my prior club will be joining. Don’t know how to drift? No worries, we’ll teach you through it. Know how to keep a skill chain the entire race? Then you’ll have even more fun staying in ta-tum with the rest of us. Want to learn to tune a drift car (or any car) I’ll walk you through it or build the tune for you. This is a clean club. No corner bombing. Website, Facebook, and YouTube channel will be up soon.

*Note: It’s a drift club but, we also still race. All are welcome to do what you will. The only requirement being is that you play the game fair and treat each other with respect. Maturity is a must. There is no age limit; but it is preferred for to be at least 18. Hope to see some of you around. If you choose not to join, we’d love to drift with you all since the community for drifting is kind of small.

Thank you all for your time. Feel free to contact me or add me through XBL: Surreal Lancer

I’m also a top tuner. Any car, RWD, AWD, FWD, I can make it drift in any class. We’re gaining members slowly, but we need dedicated drifters. If you want to learn, we’ll teach you. Want a car? We’ll get it for you. Anything goes, it’s all in good fun. This is a no drama club, so let’s ban together and get full sessions going and maybe even full drift road trips.



Sounds like fun to me add my GT: Dehumanization8 I’m always drifting when I’m online and always looking for other people to chill and Tandem with Love to drift all across the map the coast roads mountains, Send me a message and I’ll join you

Peace Dehumanization8

Im in. Add me HeedlessScarab. Im always on and willing to do whatever. Im pretty decent at drifting. I would love to join

Thanks to all who have joined. Note this is an Xbox One club. Sorry 360 users that have contacted me.

Sounds hella fun and i’m game, i’m on Horizon 2 quite often and sometimes dont even plan on drifting but do it anyway, its in my blood haha, feel free to drop me an invite whenever, GT: Sempiternal XCV

I will for sure be happy joining a real drift team i think im pretty good haha !! add me if you want @adiq clutch

Add me. Sounds fun and I need to learn. Gt: Whitay311

How can you join this?