Recovering lost tuning setups

So my copy of Forza 6 did the whole endlessly syncing thing. It would sync for several min then stop and say that it cant sync right now try again later. Has been doing this for over a week, tried power cycle reinstalling game deleting local saves, I ended up calling support and they told me the only option I had left is to delete all my saved data since it is likely corrupt. So I did that and am now back at driver level 1, (yay…) but more importantly I am trying to recover my tuning setups. I can find them in the storefront, but I am unable to download them from there since the game gives me an error message saying “you can’t download this from the storefront because you are the creator” Is there any way to recover my tunes short of having a friend gift me a car with my tuning setup on it? Any help or thought would be appreciated.

No. The Shared items are not a two-way street. They are shared with others, but cannot be returned to your local saves.