Record Breaker Achievement didn't unlock

I even recorded the video of me exceeding 250 mph in a car, and still it didn’t unlock…

Also found this, did 260mph+ in a Veyron SS down the old Le Mans straight, achievement didn’t pop and it was at 93% after I finished the race :frowning:

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Yeah that’s insane!! That’s why I recorded my video like " hey look at this glitch" lol

any chance you were using mods…shouldnt matter , but shouldnt need them anyway

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I will try it without mods and keep you guys posted.

I got the achievement using the #27 Honda Indy Car with minimal downforce, tweaking the drive ratios and adding the Le Mans Power Boost Mod. Maxed at 253 mph. So using mods shouldn’t be an issue.

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I ran into the same issue, stuck at 94% until I unlocked it just screwing around in a private lobby online with a friend. Not sure if that’s the key but try it in a private online lobby and see if it unlocks.

I was using the Hennessey Venom, fwiw.

Also have the same problem

Disable rewind before the race. This is what I needed to do to get the achievement. Five races hitting 269/270mph, and disabling the rewind option was the only way I was able to get it. Even when it was enabled and not rewinding during a race would not let me get the achievement.

Thanks for the tip. I disabled rewind and the achievement popped after the race was finished.