Recommended G920 settings

My G920 does not feel right for Forza 7, can anyone recommend advanced settings for this wheel?

what i like to use:
vibration 0
ffb scale 100
540° or 720° of rotation
steering linearity 55
ffb understeer 5
ffb minimum force 150
wheel damper sccale 0
center spring scale 100

Anyone here using the G920 wheel? I am having issues with braking at the moment where I literally have to hammer the brake to the floor to reach full braking. This creates problems trying to modulate braking power. I have tried adjusting the settings in the options menu but nothing seems to fix this issue. I was curious if anyone else has run into this problem and what they did to fix it.

I went with the G920 because I have a G29 for my PS4 and really like it.

Thank you in advance,


have you already tried this?


I have not tried that, and never even thought about it. I will give it a try.

I appreciate the help!

I have the same wheel/pedals, ran into the same issue and used the same fix, if in any doubt… this is what you NEED to do to improve the brake, and it’s a complete transformation. Some people do offer different resistance inserts if you want to go that far also.