Recent Xbox OS Update Turns on FANS and with it excessive NOISE!

As of a given Xbox OS update, whenever racing games in particular are launched, there is excessive, almost deafening noise form the Xbox (I have Xbox 1X) as the internal fan is initiated. This may be targeted an the recent Xbox Series X consoles that I’m sure will be running super hot with the new Forza Motorsport, and for which I’m sure testing is in earnest. But the excessive fan activations are not required in Xbox 1X and needs to be fixed. Believe me when I say the noise is really deafening, almost like it’s raining outside heavily! PLEASE pass this on to be FIXED!

This is still an issue since the last S update. The fan is still blowing at max speed making too much noise when any game is played, be it disk or installed on the hard drive. This needs to be fixed ASAP as it’s very annoying! Perhaps a change was made for Series S and X where fan speed is required in excess but not in Xbox One X.