Rear View Mirror - 8-17-15

Spend a day with Johniwanna at an open drift session in this edition of RVM.


Nice way to spend a Sunday! I spent my day attending a local autocross event at my local civic center, and there were a handful of cars taking on the course: Mustangs, Miatas, 3rd gen Trans Am, late model 4th gen Camaro SS, Infiniti G37, and a Caterham. Spectating that event makes me want to enter my car in it, just to see how well it’ll do.

Great stuff, can’t beat the sound of high revving cars and burning tires on a sunday. no matter what event it is sundays was made for racing.

Wait, wait, wait! Is everyone blind here?! The last two versions of RVM have not done the normal rounds of recounting the past weekend’s race events! Is this a change of direction for RVM to not recount the race happenings of past weekend??!!

A Sunday Open Drift, now that’s my kind of Church! Had a great time hanging out with John. Take his advice, find a local event, bring a helmet, and get involved with your local racing community. Whether its drifting, drag racing, road course or autocross, now is the time to hit the track! summer will be over before you know it!