Rear View Mirror 7-6-15

Vintage racing, Formula One, NASCAR’s huge crash and Red Bull Global RallyCross

If nothing else, check out my photos and the video of Austin Dillon’s crash. Real racers read the whole thing though. :slight_smile:


Great write up this week, John! So stoked for the IGN pack, as the '71 GTX is one of the cars, gonna be fun driving that and the other cars on the Horizon 2. I stayed up all night watching the Coke Zero 400, and I was on the edge of my seat during those final laps, so happy that Dale Jr. won, but when Dillon’s car got air and hit the catch fence, I pretty much said “Holy @#$%” but thank god he walked away from that, as if Dale Sr. came down and said to Dillon after his car to a rest: “It’s not your time yet”. Heck if you heard Dale Jr’s radio transmission after crossing the finish, you can hear his concern for Austin, and kudos to the crews for checking on him.

What an exciting and very scary weekend of racing. I was very happy to see LH get the win at Silverstone. After Monaco slipped through his grasps, you know he really wanted this one. Felt bad for the Williams teams. Great call by Hamilton for going with the intermediates when he did though. I was bummed that I forgot to catch the RallyCross races after hearing how good they were. Really was looking forward to seeing those. As for the Nascar race. WOW! I’m glad I stayed up to watch. What an amazing finish! Happy for Jr. Would have loved to have seen Gordon get one more win at Daytona, but he had a great run nonetheless. Scary moment at the finish to see Dillon’s car get airborne like that and hit the catch fence, but it did it’s job as well as the car doing it’s job and keeping the driver safe. Kudos for Jr.'s team running out to help Dillon and it was great to see the thumbs up from all the crew and to see Dillon walk away from that. Can’t wait for this weekend at Kentucky with the new aero package. Really hoping that it benefits Gordon’s driving style a bit more with less downforce on the car and making the cars slide a little more. Hopefully, it’ll be better racing to watch with actual passing and side by side racing. I know Gordon really wants to win at Kentucky being it the only track he hasn’t won at, so I’m looking for him to really surge this weekend.

Austin Dillon was a rookie last season. At the end of the year they took the yellow stripes off the rear bumper of his car. I was almost in tears when I saw what was left of that number 3 car upside down. I had watch the Daytona that Dale Sr. Passed away in, and pain came back quickly. Luckily great joy came when Junior’s crew gave the thumbs up, and I could celebrate my favorite NASCAR driver Junior’s win. Go 88.

Also much happiness to see my favorite formula one driver Hamilton win one of his favorite races.