Rear View Mirror 10-13-14

After a brief respite while we focused on the launch of Forza Horizon 2, the RVM thread is back.

This is the place to comment on content within this week’s edition of RVM and answer questions I have posed.

Discussion of racing topics is encouraged. Gift requests are no longer encouraged. I may from time to time reward enthusiastic or particularly witty comments, but this will be the exception rather than the rule and the RVM thread is no longer a place to request gifts.

So with that said, I look forward to your comments and will be doing my best to follow the thread and chime in where appropriate.


Why is there no dlc for horizon 2 on the 360

Use the search function on the forums, it’s been answered several times.

Anyway great RVM, must admit Sochi was possibly one of the most boring Formula 1 races I have seen in a long time. Probably the only good part Nico Rosberg charging through the field.

Go Mercedes!

Also I shall see you in the stream and will try and get a love letter to you before it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Movie cars! Boy, who did the proofreading for that article??? Lots of missing words and confusing descriptions. Anyway…

Ironman’s R8? Meh. Forgot he had one, haha! How about Maindrian Pace’s yellow Mustang Mach I from Gone in 60 seconds? The original, not the silly Nick Cage movie. :slight_smile: Or the Cobra and Ferrari Daytona from Gumball Rallye? Challenger from Vanishing Point? Even the Mirthmobile (AMC Gremlin) from Wayne’s World is a more memorable car from the movies. And I know I’m forgetting even more.

As always, thanks again for the article John!!

You asked for a comment on the NASCAR incidents. Rivalry is one thing but this was over the top coming from professionals. We have enough trouble with ROAD RAGE on the public streets without the Idols appearing to say it’s OK. It’s never OK, sure you maybe angry and pissed off, but there is things in place to decide whose at fault and what penalties are imposed on those that are at fault. Even though personal and swift justice may seem the answer it is often the innocent that ends up paying the hardest penalty, whether it be injury or jail time because of the ROAD RAGE incident and not the actual incident that bought it on. We all seem to be on simmer at the moment through different reasons and simple road incidents seem to blow the lid and the wrong people and their families are feeling the wrath of someone else’s actions. Driving is suppose to be a pleasure for you and your family, if your involved in an incident, on the road or the track, your the one that is suppose to have the cool head and leave it to those that are payed to sort it out. It’s not worth ruining your life over something trivial even if at the time it seems massive, later it will seem really trivial compared to what may come in the future. Take care and keep calm because someone loves you.

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I don’t think a list of the Best Movie Cars of All Time can pick just one Bond car. My favorite is actually the Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights. My list would also include the '67 Camaro in Better Off Dead, the Mercury Monterey in Cobra, and the prototype in The Wraith. A couple other high-tech toys that come to mind are Jackie Chan’s stealth car in The Cannonball Run and the eponymous car in the 1986 Tommy Lee Jones movie Black Moon Rising.

I also recently watched The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai again for the first time in years and was surprised to see that the overthruster in Buckaroo’s rocket car at the beginning of the movie bears a remarkable resemblance to the Flux Capacitor in Back to the Future. Buckaroo was released in August 1984, BTTF was released in July 1985!

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I was wondering if someone would mention the Dodge Interceptor from The Wraith. I love that car! I would replace that with Tony Stark’s R8. It’s a great car, but a common one. As for Nascar, people have to remember that a fight is what made Nascar popular. It’s part of the history. Tempers flare and get out of control in the sport and guys go at it. It’s all part of Nascar’s heritage. I don’t believe in ramming into cars on purpose though, especially after the race is over and drivers have their equipment off. Talladega should be interesting next week to say the least. I’m glad to see the return of the RVM thread though.

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Favorite movie cars - I’d have to say the Sean Connery 1962 Aston Martin DB5. Also, as a sentimental
Favorite from the original Herbie the Love Bug movie in the 60’s (since I was only 7 at the time) Herbie.

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I’ve heard Nico Rosberg is still running on that set of tires he uses the whole race. And is still going fast. :smiley:

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Hah, great article.

Man, that MSN aticle sucked as hell. A lot of cars that did not make the list which should have been, and vice versa. It is all about taste i guess. Where is the Nova from Death Proof, or the Charger from Bullitt heh :)? What really got me to respond on this article is the accident in Suzuka. I stongly believe F1 cars should have closed cockpits, like for example airplanes. There is no other way to ensure the safety of the drivers. Open cockpit racing stems from another era, where safety was less important. Now we know better.

That Nascar piece was “interesting” (read funny). It seems the racing or the series is causing a lot of frustration for some of the drivers…

Keep us informed! and thank you!

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I like the relation between cars and AC/DC. The right music (and for sure AC/DC is always right) and your car goes faster than ever…
The first tape i got gifted by my dad was “Back in Black” and i was aged 9. :slight_smile:
Move your ass over to racedrivers heaven in germany and “Let there be rock…”

Three of the most overlooked car movies of all time are “Two Lane Blacktop” (1971) with James Taylor, “The Last American Hero” (1973) with Jeff Bridges, and “The Car” starring I have no idea. “Two lane Blacktop” is a great movie for drag race fans. It featured a '55 Chevy being drag and street raced across the country. While the acting was B or C movie level, the cars and drag racing were very cool. “The Last American Hero” featured a 1968 Mustang fastback and Jeff Bridges aspires to be a Nascar driver. For me the opening scene is iconic as the Mustang drives these country back roads and the sound of the engine is echoing through the woods. I was very young when I first watched this movie but I cannot forget the opening scene and the sounds. Just thinking about these two movies reminds me that I need to buy them before I can’t anymore. “The Car” featured a 1971 Lincoln which was apparently possessed. I’m not into movies like this anymore but the car was quite simply THE star of the movie. It had so much personality and attitude. It made great sounds and was just killer to watch, no pun intended… One of the coolest movies ever.

Thanks for the RVM!

Thanks for the rvm. The f1 is become very boring, the money with bernie ecclestone is the king. I think hamilton will win the world championship.

Great article John, as well as the articles from past weeks! I was disappointed when Dale Jr. had issues for the second week in a row, but Tony Stewart backing into Keselowski after he ran into him on pit road and the fight between Kenseth and Keselowski in the hauler area made my day! As for MSN’s top 20 list, it wasn’t too bad, except for the Audi R8, I would replace it with the Challenger from Vanishing Point, '73 Mustang Mach 1 “Eleanor”, or the '68 Mini Cooper S from The Italian Job, but at least it has the '61 250 GT Cali, the Truckster, '77 Trans Am, '68 Mustang Bullitt, and the '32 Ford Coupe.

Really good RVM.

What was the point of releasing Horizon 2 on the 360 if its a major downgrade and getting no DLC? I was going to pick it up but after I saw that you can’t even get rewards for it, i thought way bother. I have so many other Forza games I’m still working on.

Because when FM5 came out people went “why isn’t there a version for the X360” - now they have been given something to keep them happy and they aren’t happy with that either. There were no promises made as to what the 360 version would hold and the fact it can’t compete the the X1 version shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who realises that this is a business and that means that just because you want something, doesn’t mean it is viable or worth the investment for the business.

Also - did you read the first post by John? No more requests for unicorns in the RVM threads.

Now, to todays question. The behavior that was displayed by the NASCAR drivers is the worst thing that can happen in a sport and sets the worst possible example for people coming up through the ranks, not to mention the complete disregard for those present at the time and the danger they were put in by the stupid and irresponsible behavior displayed - not to mention that it served no purpose and achieved nothing other than the danger to others and making themselves look likes asses.

No, Sorry, I just jumped right into the RVM.

Best Movie cars? Hard to pick just one… but my tops would Be Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds. Other than that… Bond’s Vanquish and the Z3, also gotta go with the classic Bandit Trans Am… Oh Wait… I’m forgetting one of the most famous cars from a movie series Ever… The Delorean from Back to the Future… in fact… going to go watch that movie right now… When this car hit’s 88mph you’re going to see some serious ?#?#

Lol I see some nascar driver’s are like the dirty driver’s we all experience in forza game’s :slight_smile: , hopefully that change’s we don’t need ppl trying to hurt or even end the lives of other’s on the track . Sad to see in any kind of raceing :confused: real life ain’t like a game you don’t have reset button . Love the RVM and the vid’s john keep them comeing , never get bored when I get on fm forums :slight_smile: