Really t10

I’m here for one reason and one reason only. I’m banned from forza horizon . What I find funny they ban you and don’t have enough desentsy to tell why. Guess it’s Microsoft job to inform us when yall the ones who banned me. I have been away from the game a yr come back and weeks later I’m banned for 30 days. Please tell me where the first ban was for a week or w.e? You know I paid for my console game live and so on least yall could do is have the respect to tell why. But I will say this much to who ever reads . I’m not a kid your messing with something I bought and haven’t done anything wrong. And I’ve done some reading about others being banned for cars and paints . Smh how can they fault ppl for something that’s in there game . How about fix it and stop striking ppl for using what’s in game. Least gta5 knows how to fix big issues without banning the whole community. Guess it’s away to try push you to another t10 game .

Bans are not discussed on the forums, you will have to contact t10 directly via their email however I dont see you having much in the way of joy with them either, they take it very badly when someone is found to have been hacking the game in order to drive vehicles in the way they werent intended (F100 without a hood ring any bells) and then claim innocence, I would suggest keeping your head down and if your ever allowed to play the game again, play within the rules.