Really excited for F7 But push me over the edge on this one.

We’ll have plenty to go on once the demo comes out. It’s been like this with every Forza. They never give away too much.

Fast and Furious makes sense when paired with the Horizon games but doesn’t really work as a Motorsport tie in. I’m not a fan of the movies either, especially the direction they moved in. The characters went from being street racers to being Navy seals with almost Marvel like superpowers. The newest movies look like James Bond/Transporter movies.


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Old Hippie, been awhile since we raced but love your comment here. I posted this in another thread but it is also very relevant here too…here goes

Forza is not perfect in the FFB, Physics, sound, etc. but I feel it is the most complete game out there and I love the size of it. Many cars, many tracks, many upgrades, many paints, etc.
I own Project Cars, Assetto Corssa, and if I want better FFB I can play AC. Project Cars has some benefits too. Bottom line is I play them but always come back to Forza as it seems to have a more complete game in the areas that I am looking. I have some wiggle room as to what I demand in a game and feel what I want in options is more complete in Forza. This is my opinion and many others may disagree but I stand by my wants. It’s nice to have several games and each give a different type of satisfaction. Yes it would be nice to have it all in one game, but I think each game pushes the others in what is available. If we had only one game that had everything how would we know how much better it could actually be? I feel that Forza pushes to have everything ( Jack of all trades, master of none) Assetto Corsa pushes FFB, Project Cars pushes Physics and FFB customization. All 3 have different high points and its up to us to decide what we want. They all dominate in different aspects of racing game areas.

If I want a tough off road vehicle I can buy a Jeep. I won’t complain that it rides rougher than say a Lexus as it was not made for that. Same goes if I have a Lexus I won’t complain that a Corvette is faster or a Porsche looks better. There are gives and takes everyday in life. We always want it all in a neat package but realistically speaking that very seldom happens. We just have to get what we feel is the best option available and buy it for what we like.

I feel that constructive criticism is good but feel that Turn 10 have a target of what they want to provide for us and shoot for that. I am certain that everyone here has an idea of a perfect game and if some game company made that game for that person, someone would want to change several things and make it better for what they like in a game rather than the person the game was made for, nothing is perfect for everyone! Forza seems to try to fit as much in a game as they can with a little less emphasis on being absolutely perfect to fit more things in the game to be more complete for more people.

Again there are games out there that will probably give most people what they are looking for in different areas but very few games will ever give them everything in one game…just hard to do.