Really badly dissapointed with FM7

More powerful hardware, new game engines, insanely massive download sizes but yet missing more than half the content from Forza 4 and still to this day FM4 has been the best so far. I loved the drag racing in FM4 with a passion and was in the top 20 so i am extremely dissapointed to see the state of drag racing in FM7 at it was the main reason i bought it. Gaming in past 5 years has really entered a very sad state have to download 4 times the amount we used to but yet we get half the content from the previous game. Deves really should be ashamed of themselves. And thanks for putting the finial nail in the forza coffin for me.




No need for such responses. Comments like these are what take away from legitimate concerns that customers have for a product they paid a lot of money for.


If you wish to voice a legitimate concern, you should go through the proper channels to email the developer with your issue. Posts like these are for one reason only… to draw attention. It’s all part of this “Social Media Frenzy” that happens in today’s world. “Not happy with something? Get a bunch of random people behind you on social media and watch what happens!”

I don’t blame the Mods for locking these types of posts.

You have to admit OP that drag racing has always been kind of a niche, throw in game mode for Forza. If the current implementation of drag racing is your main grip and the “Deves really should be ashamed of themselves,” then color me confused.


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The first clue is the vague hyperbolic post title that could in theory refer to almost anything.


Agreed. The title HOOKs the reader, they read the opening LINE, and the thread begins to SINK into bashing… “Hook, Line, and Sinker”, Typical Social Media Madness…

“missing more than half the content from Forza 4”

FM7 has more cars and tracks than any prior FM game. Nothing else matters. You’re either trolling or you’re stupid.

Nothing else matters to you, but clearly other things matter to other people. The lack of class based hoppers and/or hot lapping are huge for people.

Content is more than just cars and tracks and FM7 is lacking in a lot of areas.

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I guess it’s missing half of the content that HE enjoyed in FM4.
To the OP: why do you not play FM4 then, if you think it’s that much better. Why did’nt you inform yourself before buying FM7 about it’s content.

It’s sad how this pattern repeats over and over again here. Seemingly 90% of all content related complaints stem from an OP who isn’t getting something they personally want, which extends to the game being “disappointing” or “lacking content.”



Every time I see one of these threads I wonder why I would want to spend money for a game that is just like one I already own.

Having spent a considerable amount of time playing FMS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well as FH 1, 2 and 3 I find that each game has things I like and things I prefer not to do. There are things each game has offered that are not included in the other versions of the game.

Granted, there are enough changes from game to game that it takes a bit of learning to figure out the best way to proceed through the game maximizing earnings, achievements and just plain enjoyment.

I really have not found any one of the games to be considerably better than any of the others. I have enjoyed each one of them and appreciate the fact that each has offered something new and that no tow are exactly alike.

But, hey, that’s just me.

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Ok, ok calm down everyone. Constant complaints are annoying but come on guys, can you really defend this mess of a game? I literally went out last sunday and bought an xbox 360, found a second hand copy of Forza 4 and started playing it, just to remember what it was like. (I sold my 360 when the one launched). True story. THAT’S how much this debacle annoys me.

Ok, fair enough, the graphics look horrendous, but after a while and your eyes adjust to the jagged world the racing is way, way better. And the car selection is out of date now but man it’s fantastic. It is a simpler game than 7, but better. The driving physics may or may not be more or less realistic, im no expert on physics, but the car handling is sure as hell a lot more enjoyable to drive. The grip feel and braking is totally different, for the better in my opinion. And it still feels “realistic”, there’s still a lot of room for error with assists turned off. Forza 7 feels like the car is on ice and you never really feel a connection between tyres and road. In 4 you are always aware of the tyre drag on the road and what the wheels are doing, where the grip limit is etc.

For shame, turn 10.

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I could see your point if you were comparing FM4 to FM5. This is FM7 and is really only comparable to FM6 or even FM5 since they are on the same platform… It’s obvious by now that the developers went a different direction on Xbox One in Forza than they did in the 360 days and this argument is like beating a dead horse.
I remember FM4 and the drag racing was not better or even close to dedicated drag racing games that were out at the time imo. I hear that drag racing has come back in FM7 so you do have that at least.

Horizon brings new things every time. I was disappointed and skeptical when they announced it would be set in Australia but when I got the game it was actually a lot of fun and the blueprinting was a great feature. Why they didn’t carry that over into FM is beyond me.


Thank you for your feedback. You can contact the developers by email at