REALISTIC Anti-lag and exhaust flames please

This video clearly explains the anti-lag feature improvements needed for FH5. The current anti-lag exhaust flames are just not realistic. They are super static, have only one color & size for all cars, and fake-looking as they do not even protrude properly from the exhausts; in comparison to Gran Turismo and NFS (both of which have very realistic, unique and proper flame system).

In addition, we are currently limited to adding anti-lag only with race turbos. There has to be better way to implement anti-lag, especially on cars that already have turbos to prevent moving up in performance class (say A to S1).

I completely agree! A nice improvement would be the ability to turn the ALS on and off while in free roam. Map it like they do with convertible tops for example.

It would be better to only have the machine gun antilag flames at launch control or full throttle at the rev limiter but not when you let go of the throttle. It’s absolutely overkill. Other games handle this a lot more realistic. The flames look good though