"Real" race classes but no qualifying??? C'mon

I can live with the new test drive, I don’t notice the graphic quality being lower too much. I knew we would probably have too retune and learn the new physics.

But not allowing us too choose what classes we run in the spirit of “real” racing set up is frustrating as hell. Let us choose how we want to race. There are plenty of simulators that we can pick for that “real” race feel. I like Forza for the options.

If you want that realness, LET US QUALIFY! Yes. Give us the option to qualify for pole position. Taking away our option to run our Frankensteins for real race feel, but not allowing qualifying isn’t the same logic. At least in campaign.

Please give us the option to run open class. Please! Or let us qualify so the trolls are at the back of the pack. Thanks.


I’m a little buzzed, but I like this idea. Especially if there was a ranked mode in online where everyone took it more serious (once more hoppers released of course). I’d love it for that and wouldn’t mind taking an extra lap at the beginning to qualify, even if it were full course Nurburgring. Can’t get enough of that track

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I agree with you 100 percent. It really needs to be ranked. Especially if I have to race with what tires THEY want me to run. So freaking absurd. If it was just ranked and no qualifying I am 100 percent down.