Re Re banned for no reason

So it seems I have been banned for not been very good at this game, not sure what I have done to warrant a ban. Not played
gaming on console`s for a few years till last sep/oct on and off. I admit I am terrible never won a online race. Always wanted a proper race
till tried it and realized that people will play dirty. Where as I would rather overtake cleanly without any collisions but what can you do when people
deliberately steer into you.I have not even had one fair race ever… just bang wallop take me out all the time yet I am banned ?

So yeah I thought I had to be more aggressive
but seriously the things that`s happened to me not one fair race have I ever reported anyone
nope I take it on the chin like a man its just a game

If this is how microsoft or turn ten studios treats people (good paying customers )

I think I am on the wrong console all together and need to sell or give away my xbox one
and quickly jump to sony ps4

and a real driving game GRAN TOURISMO
from my experience Sony would never treat people like this …

Its a utter disgrace