Rare Classics Cruise [Mature]- 20/10/2018

Hi all, I am hosting a cruise on Saturday 20th of October at 7.50PM (UK).

These cruises are ideal for those who want to take it steady and enjoy the scenery to get familiar with their car of choice. This weeks theme is “Rare Classics” which is an official division in Horizon 4 so be sure you have the right car! The Maximum Class will be set at B although you won’t need to upgrade your vehicle as we will be taking a steady pace so C & D are also allowed. I currently have a few members already confirmed for the cruise but I am extending the invitation to anyone on this forum so long as you follow the cruise rules.

What to expect?

  • Slow & Relaxed Cruise
  • Cruise Photographer (Viewedbear303) who will take pictures & upload to our club website
  • 2 x 10-minute Breaks
  • 3 x ForzathonLive Events
  • No need for a mic, most of us have spotify/music playing anyway
  • Likeminded car lovers to cruise alongside you


  • Keep behind cruise leader (overtaking other members is allowed just be sensible about it)
  • Remain in your car of choice (you are allowed to change the car for the ForzathonLive events)
  • Allow the photographer Viewedbear303 to take group pics during breaks by avoiding pausing as this will ghost you in pictures (Stupid I know…)
  • Relax & Have Fun

I will be hosting the cruises weekly. If you would like to introduce yourself to some of our cruise members you can do so by heading to our club website www.hlrclub.com where you can also find out the full cruise itinerary via the events tab.

Please get in touch via our website or alternatively, you can send me a message on Xbox.

Hope to see you there!

Cruise Ends at 10.10PM (UK)

  • Hypno