Ranking glitch.

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I’d like to give you my feedback after two very strange races where I lost my final rankings without any reason. The end of the first race was very close as the player behind me finished few feet away, but I had the surprise to see him in a better position in the final ranking. The direct result was the loss of a silver medal (no big deal to be honest) - for reference I uploaded the replay under the name “Ranking glitch (1)”.

The second race anomaly is by far more weird as I lost my third place at the benefit of a player who left at the very beginning of this very same race. I went from third to fourth place in the last corner of the race to the benefit of this missing player (waiting in the lobby). Once again I uploaded the replay to be sure that I didn’t dream about it, you can find it under the name “Ranking glitch (2)”. The player who “stole” the third place is “********” (this is NOT a personal attack against this person, this is just for information purpose).

Anyone has ever experienced something like this ?

Yeah, I have had this issue as well. Seems to be a bug that needs to be fixed.

Original poster I would take the name out. I know its not quite naming and shaming but I’m pretty sure its against terms and service agreement.

i had same issue yesterday on spa i won by miles only to have my finish position come up as 3rd with no other players near me, i checked lap times and i was good 10 seconds faster than 2nd place

Yet more problems with the game lol

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This sounds like some kind of server lag issue. The question is: who’s end is it on? T10’s or ours?