Ranked Racing

At least bring back unranked team racing please someday, dont even talk about co-op

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Just like Forza Horizon 4’s Online Ranked Adventure just with the addition of Midnight Races.

Exactly what the title says. We need something competitive.

Yes I vote for this feature with all my votes even though this isn’t part of the official voting threads.

Can you Please add Ranked racing and Team racing back to Forza Horizon 5 ?? I had so much fun back in fh4 when there was Online Team Ranked, but now it’s sad that this things are not Forza Horizon 5.

Game just gets boring after a while because you removed this on fh5.As i see every player of forza horizon want those back.Team racing was so fun even when i lose because of my team and there was unbalanced team i am okay with it.It was competitive and exciting.Why can’t they just back in the game ? I barely play fh5 now and sometimes i just wanna go back to fh4 because of this.

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Felt this video was relevant here:

Doesn’t change my opinion on Ranked play in Forza Horizon 5 (which I’ll sum up again below) but food for thought.

  • I like competitive or high skill level Forza Horizon 5 play.
  • I don’t think Ranked is currently a good fit for Forza Horizon 5 (or any Horizon game)
  • There are too many design issues and barriers in place (some of which this video covers) to ensure competitive fairness.
  • The Forza series’ game design does an incredibly poor job at incentivising people to “play with respect”. Until that is resolved Ranked has no place in Horizon.

Fh5 is honestly a joke, not a very good one either. A anti-competitive racing game is literally a textbook definition oxymoron. The definition of “race”, is literally ,“a competition between runners, horses, vehicles, boats, etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course.”.

The devs are claiming to be focusing on creating a non-competitive game in a genre that is primarily based on competition and with zero incentive to progress your skill levels. Of course this game will have a ridiculous short lifespan, there’s no goals or achievements worth playing for. No replayability at all. That’s what they removed by removing ranked game modes: REPLAYABILITY.

First of all, please understand that my English is not that good. Racing is originally about competing with competitors and ranking them. The racing element of the FH5 is very good. But not in terms of competition. Now the FH5 is not boosting competition among players for a good racing environment, ironically. This is an indistinct image of the nature of racing games. Perhaps the ‘FH5 team’ is not opening the ranking game because of ‘balance between vehicles’ and ‘user biased vehicle selection’. This is a way to overcome it.

  1. Unify all users’ vehicles in the rank game. There are numerous vehicles in each class. When the rank game begins, the game system randomly assigns one vehicle within a particular class so that all users drive the same vehicle as the system determines in the game. If so, all the concerns of the “FH5 team” will be resolved. (Tuning conditions should be achieved when the system applies tuning of a famous tuner or sets it to its original state.)
  2. Create a cumulative reporting system. Make it easy for users to report ‘cheating users’ or ‘unmannered users’. And if reports accumulate, they can be restricted from their activities.
  3. Give a badge as a reward for the rank game. Frankly, the content of FH5 is limited to continuously enjoy. A goal is needed to make users enjoy the game without getting tired of it. That’s why we need a rank game. If someone achieve a certain rank score in a series, it would be good to give a rank badge like a ‘premium badge’ and ‘level badge’. This will encourage users to continue running toward their goals without leaving.
  4. I think it would be better to change “open racing” to a rank game and maintain the “user-setting game” without eliminating it. Users with weaknesses in certain racing environments, such as those who can’t “on-road,” those who can’t “off-road,” and those who can’t both, can improve their skills without pressure through “user-setting games.”

As a person who loves FH5, I wrote a lot of things. If you feel rude, please understand my poor English. I am asking politely and I hope that the ‘FH team’ will continue to develop. Even if you disagree, I hope you understand me in a good way. Thank you.

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today on Forza Horizon 5 we always have a hard time dealing with good skill match making and the problem with that is just dealing with hackers dirty drivers and rammers (just dirty driving in a nutshell and I would think there should be a option for skill based matched making in forza horizon 5 and there should be a vote to kick system in game so when you finished the race there should be all players username on the board that you played with and vote to kick them (you know where I’m getting at) in the end of the day we wanted to become the best of the best in ranked system racing I would think there’s should be a with or no collision game mode for Horizon open it would judge the players skill judging with the ghosting off or on and with the people had that type of experience of dealing with dirty driving.
That’s all I have to say I know it might not be added or may idk I might find out soon when I come back - Nissan Driving

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(I tried to put fh5 discussion so yeah just pretend it is)

Yeah but making it more easier :v:

And the report doesn’t work in forza maybe sometimes depending

I’m just saying well like there should be a pc only match and there should be a only controller match so xbox players wouldn’t have to deal with more fps computers in a nutshell

True you’re right I guess

but take a look in rivals having a better computer gives you an advantage towards that it delays the timer by a second so yeah…

In different frame rates and a better pc hardware makes the physics different that’s all I’m just saying

Oh ok well it’s my first time doing this type of stuff so yeah :sweat_smile:I’ve kinda gotten a little bit to carried away so yeah sorry.

Yeah try rivals one x1x…

Already did