Randomly quitting

Since the most recent update, I have had two crashes/quits to the x-box dashboard. the game will be going along, one time I was in a Forzathon, the second I was just leaving a player home to go out to test a new set up and both times the screen went black, almost like the switch to a new season but instead of the game continuing it just goes to the dashboard, selecting Forza Horizon 4 again it starts again, from the beginning needing to boot fully, not just go back to where I was, no warning or error messages shown.

Can’t see any mention of this on the help site.

The console is an X-Box one X and all up to date.

We already have a thread here: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst145138_-INVESTIGATING--Multithread---Crashes.aspx

There are plenty of us with the same issue (xbox and pc).

Please make sure you also submit a ticket with as much information.