Random Russ' Gallery

Please don’t hate, just starting out with the photo editor, it’s great fun! Here’s a few to get started, I hope you can see some progress in some of the photos, slowly feel I’m getting better with it :slight_smile: Any tips greatly appreciated.

No one here will hate! I really like the Pagani shots and the E-Type pics looks great just needs aperture.

Thanks bud! I can’t get to grips with aperture, it always ends up being too blurry, or is this a mix of focus and aperture that I need to sort out?

You may need to focus on the car by pressing X before adjusting aperture.

Those Pagani shots are beautiful! Great start to your gallery :wink:

Thanks! Photos just seem to come to life in the rain, especially in the dark in my opinion! Shame they seem to look better in game, seem to lose some quality once exported it seems?

The quality takes a hit because you are using Photobucket. Flickr has very good quality photos so I recommend getting an account there :wink:

Great start to your gallery!
This s my fave, so far,

Ah that might explain it, Flickr it is then. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, one of mine too, it was one of those photos that just turned out better than I hoped really :slight_smile:

As a self obsessed MX5 fan, this new pack is one of my favourites so sorry for the spam of photos, I’ve took way too many already… :slight_smile: Here’s some of the new ND that have turned out okay-ish

Really like these two shots, nice work!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

A few more to add today, more hairdresser cars :wink:

Awesome shots of the new pack cars! The 2016 MX5 photos are all beautiful!

I like your last Miata shot! Also, you can use the size “Medium 800” in your gallery if you want the pictures a little bigger!

Cheers bud, feel like I’m getting better with practice! :slight_smile:

I was a little unsure what image size to use, didn’t want them to be too big, but I’ll definitely give the slightly larger size a go :slight_smile:

Really getting addicted to the photo editor, sorry for the spam, I can’t help it haha!

Here’s a few Ferrari photos from tonight :slight_smile:


](LaFerrari1 | Russell Nicholls | Flickr)

Thought I’d try something with a black and white style, it’s a lot tougher than it looks! This is about the best I got, I felt It looked a lot better when I took it haha!

This is very realistic and I really like your black & white shot as well! Keep it up, I’m looking forward to more!

Thanks man! Struggling to get what I want to be portrayed in the photo, just can’t get the lighting right or the angles, all a learning process I suppose :slight_smile: