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All right since we are getting 0 help from the devs lets see if we can help each other in what we do know.

I’ll even start it off with one im confused on. Does podium mean a win? Ive seen in other posts but never saw an answer.

one more am i missing it or is there not a total for op wins? As far as i can see you cant even see you drift or race wins at all.


held open for answers

  1. I don’t know, I’ll look at the Stats page when I play today.

Not sure what the idea behind this thread is supposed to be, are you trying to supplant the forums via a thread ? The forums are for questions but instead of a mish mash of conversations, questions and answers all being bundled up in one thread, the forums are split into easy to understand sections then into specific threads about specific things meaning it should be easier to navigate and understand.

first of all why wont you answer your mail? Second if there is a list of q and a in one area you dont have to search through this mess.

ive tried to understand you as a moderator but you lock and block post for no freaking reason.
i know you have a job to do but you never answer questions nor do the devs which is completely unacceptable for any game.
you seam to have time to make videos but no time for the public playing this game. Can you tell me why?

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I for one believe your thread is valid. Not only for those that might try to find Q&A without having to go through meaningless “you said/I said” posts, but also as means to fill the silence.
But you have to remember. As an OP of a thread … don’t feed the trolls.

Podiums are first, second, and third. Those are the places that stand on the podium to receive their trophies. Whether the devs worded it and coded it correctly and actually mean that is another matter entirely.

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  1. Podium is top 3. So first, second, or third.
  2. You can see your total wins in stats but I can’t remember what tab it’s under. Second tab maybe? The game tells you total races, podiums, and wins.

ya i understand 123 on podium just wondered if 2 or 3 was considered a win in my mind no but some games count 2 or 3 as a win.

ive looked in stats ya i see podiums and eliminator and games but no op or drifting wins area.

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Stats are in “My Horizon”. Both podiums and wins are shown in there as separate stats (so no a podium is not the same as a win).

My query - does anyone know how the game selects your “Favourite Car”? I also have a question, looking at my stats, how I had 72 collisions in one race but I doubt anyone can answer that!

I’ve been pondering this question for the last 18 months or so…I think my highest collision in a race in FH4 was something like 300! I have a feeling that it isn’t just collisions with other cars but the scenery as well…so a wreckage skill hit will count as a collision for example. At least, that is my impression of it…am probably wrong though

I’m sure I’ve been rammed 72 times in one race…


Because your questions were already answered.

Theres only a mess when people dont adhere to the rules, for example making posts with non descript titles in an attempt to gain traction and clicks or posting in the wrong section or attempting to repost posts that have been previously moved to the section deemed appropriate by a moderator or member of staff.

Theres always a reason

My ‘job’ isnt to answer questions, its to make sure the rules of the forum are followed.

I make videos ? really ? which videos ? but my time is my own to use however I feel and I dont need to explain or justify its use.

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no you dont make videos but forza does again they have time for that but no one in here to answer questions so we have to rely on others in here.
I dont care about clicks and the rules are pretty vague leaning to what ever YOU think is right or wrong. Which is completely your right I get it. Ive run forums for years.
but you dont seem to want anyone to talk. All ive been trying to do is get more activity in here. You keep trying to block me at every turn. For 15 million user’s these forums are seriously not working.

sorry thought of one more thing as regards to the old farts i had then conversing and you killed it by moving it

but again its what ever you want i understand to a point.

What is handling in FH5? Do we know what goes into the formula that spits the number we see on the screen?

We don’t know the code, we can only guess the code. There is an automated skid routine built into the game that gets triggered, and that part isn’t using real physics. The skid routine stays on for a set amount of time, and it can mess your driving up even when you should now be skid free. The calculation for handling is probably testing this trigger point.


That’s not how computer code works though.

not sure i understand the question