Random Career Information

  1. The races start off similar in length to Forza 5, but get steadily longer. Average race distance per Volume (in km):

Super Street 11.88
Sport Icons 16.24
Grand Touring 20.66
Professional Racing 25.13
Ultimate Motorsports 32.14

  1. Of the 26 environments, 24 were used (and I am guessing not many people will miss the absence of the Top Gear and Test Track). A full list is below, sorted by total distance driven in km. (the other number is the number of races.)

Row Labels Sum of Tot Dist Count of Environment
Daytona 105.89 4
Le Mans 101.57 4
Nurburgring 98.27 4
Circuit de Spa Francorchamps 98 4
Bernese Alps 96.26 4
Watkins Glen 91.32 4
Silverstone 82.6 4
Brands Htach 82.2 4
Autodromo Nazionale Monza 80.92 3
Sebring 77.35 4
Road Atlanta 75.6 4
Hockenheimring 75.59 4
Indianapolis 73.14 3
Rio 72.13 3
Catalunya 70.56 4
Circuit of the Americas 66 3
Long Beach 65.7 4
Prague 62.15 3
Mount Panorama 62.1 3
Road America 59.93 3
Sonoma 59.07 3
Laguna Seca 50.4 3
Lime Rock 48.2 2
Yas Marina 44.4 2
Grand Total 1799.35 83

  1. I ran difficulties from New Racer up to Expert (didn’t actually complete an event on Expert though). The majority of completions were firsts (46 of 83). I did encounter instances of rabbit AI leaders, but not most races (and my not quantified sense of things thinks less of them recently.) I saw no conclusive examples of rubberbanding., though there were a few occasions when I would pass a car and not have it fall back as I would have expected it to.

  2. Evaluation - Well, compared to 5, it was definitely a step up. I like having an actual single player game, which 5 didn’t (you could first or last in 5’s career mode races and still progress.)

Other plusses: The generally longer races compared to 5, the ability to change car classes for a specific series (if I had been forced to place on the podium with the Lotus E23 on Nordschliefe, I suspect I would still be stuck there). The fact a large variety of environments and tracks were used. Night racing was awesome.

Minuses: Although the ability to switch cars helps, it was still pretty rigidly linear. A slightly less structured event tree, with some options, would have been better (but keeping the requirement to have some level of success to move on to the next area). And have the success/fail standard applied after each series, rather than every race. A standard points system would be fine. I found driving in the rain a somewhat frustrating expense (though I am still very glad we have it as an option in the game)

On the whole, I liked it. On to Showcases.

PS There were at least 7 night races and 8 in the rain. I wasn’t methodical about recording it as I went, so it is possible there may have been more.