Rammers/Griefers in Endurance hopper

It’s been about a year since the last time I posted on this forum and unfortunately I have to write a rant. Again.
You see, I play this game since it came out. I mention this to tell you that I do know what I’m on about so bear with me.
I have seen the mayhem which was Forza Motorsport 7 at launch.
I patiently waited until this game was playable and Turn10 did a good thing fixing issues which shouldn’t have been in the game in the first place.

But even after that, the issues with rammers/griefers have not been addressed properly by Turn10 in my opinion.
Since the change of the endurance hopper from tire wear to full damage, the problem with rammers/griefers has been a nightmare.
How many times have we (people that actually play this game for the sake of RACING) suggested to address this issue?
Not implementing penalties is one thing to discuss but is it so hard to GHOST lapped players?
Instead you get people that you lap on Lap 2 that try to ruin your race by ramming into you, causing you to get damage, forcing you to pit or continue with damage, which automatically ruins your race.

This particular issue has gotten worse over the last 3 weeks. There was one specific guy who did this 24/7 last week. He has multiple accounts and is only in the endurance hopper to do exactly this.
I reported him countless times, recorded video footage etc. (I contacted a Race Marshall to adress this)
But he is only one of many.
Only talking about 5 races today, I encountered 4 different people doing exactly this.
You would think “oh well it’s only 4 people, can’t be that bad ay?” Matter of fact is though, one person is enough in endurance hopper to ruin a race for 23 other players. And at the state of Forza 7 right now, you usually only get 2-3 active open lobbies in the endurance hopper so chances are pretty high you get matched with the same people.

I am aware that banning players is not the job of Turn10, but I still feel like Turn10 was always on the side of the “rammer” instead of the “racer”.
What I mean by that is, if you look back before “friction assists”, you could always get obliterated by a rammer (not braking, smashing into you) just because of the collision model in Forza.
Well now that we that “assist”, you would think that this problem would be fixed right? In my honest opinion no. Not at all.
Do we get “a better racing experience” with this assist? I’d say yes, you can race with other people way closer without crashing than you could before and that is good.
The fact is though, that you can STILL smash people of the racetrack (not braking, smashing into someone who then goes off, tested it, ban me now). But thankfully hardly no one does it anymore which is good!

So now that we have the ramming “fixxed”, let’s see what has been done about griefers in this one year of Forza Motorsport 7. (in case you don’t know what I mean, a griefer is someone, who tries to destroy everyones race, by ramming people off the track/try to get damage on your car when you overtake/lap the griefer)

So you got a griefer in your lobby, what are your options?

  1. Report the person via the ingame button or via the Xbox Playercard
    Well, the report button does work but when I see the same griefer 2 weeks later doing the same stuff, I questioned my sanity.

2.Contact a Race Marshall
So first you need to know who is a Race Marshall in this game. Is there a handy list to check who is a Race Marshall and who is online? Not that I know.
You are either lucky that you see some in a lobby or you know one/have one on the friendslist.
So now you need to save a replay of the griefer, after your race where you have about 15sec - 1 min to click on safe replay(depending on when and where you finish in the race and how fast your pc/console can handle Forza) (You can only save 10 replays, and if you want to safe another one, you first have to delete one first, then select the free space option, and then hit safe and hope that it worked).
You can, of course, also use the Xbox Capture function BUT there are is hardly any situation in the endurance hopper where this is usefull, since the griefers do all the “damage to the race” at the first few laps and then leave. So you are either forced to press start during the race or pit early to capture the incident, which both automatically loses you the race (if there is any left).
Then you have to send the evidence to the Race Marshall and depending on who the Race Marshall is, you may have to do both options since the Xbox Capture "is not enough evidence since it is only situational and can be seen out of context (direct quote of a Race Marshall).
Then you have to wait to see IF the griefer got banned.

3.Vote kick
I have never seen a vote kick option so badly implemented.
You have to click on the players name, then click “kick to vote” which does nothing.
I am not even sure how this option works, I have never seen it working once in my time playing this game but I would guess that either 50% or more people in the lobby have to click “kick to vote” on the same person in order to get him kicked. It’s a joke really.

As you can see the “good person” has to invest a lot of effort in order to have a proper racing experience in this game while a griefer can do whatever they want and for as long as they want until they get banned (if you’re unlucky as I am in this case, that would be one week of griefing from the same guy). (I am aware that this is not happening ALL the time but is a very common sight in the recent weeks).
This is ridiculous.

So what can be done about this particular issue?

  1. Remove damage from endurance hopper (I dont like this solution at all, but would be the quickest)
    2.Permanently ghosting lapped players/ ghosting players that are farther away from you than one lap/close to one lap
    3.Penalty system (which has been requested for years, but will probably never happen in Forza)

Rant over.
I am open to suggestions on how to deal with this issue.
Also english is not my first language yadada, keep the spelling mistakes yadada.


Penalty system is in the works. It’s supposedly is going to be implemented next month, but that’s been said for a while.

I agree with your rant 100%, and more! I’ve been fed up with it since the beginning (pre-order), and never getting to use it, let my online pass expire. And EVERY FREAKING GAME SESSION they rub salt in the wounds by forcing me to wait for a pathetic retro play school NAG screen to load that tells me how much fun I could have if I just reinstated my pass. Once that loads after 5-10 seconds I have to cancel out (B) to get to the game. Why so long for a low poly image? I can only imagine it’s checking if I did as I was told, and making sure I look at it long enough to focus on it, and maybe be willing to pay to make it go away.

The single player game has gotten me my money’s worth, but that’s not why I bought the X1 AND FM7 AND a TMX Pro setup. All to play FM! I wanted to race online, but find it completely intolerable. When I bought I pondered other options including Playstation and GTS… and I’ve never regretted an (supposed) entertainment decision as badly as I regret buying this game and hardware. T10 and their mouthpieces on their streams talk a good fight, but their follow through is abysmal.

Simply adding an option (so that leagues and RC etc can turn it off) for ghosting back markers would have fixed it one and done, and I would be playing online. But nah! Let’s post another stream talking about a whole bunch of stuff that they don’t deliver, always “coming soon”, and not doing the obvious. But here, have some more mostly useless cars. It’s been said that the rammers/griefers spend money too, and I think that’s the root of the problem. T10/MS are not really interested in a real hard line fix because that might alienate those wonderful paying customers. So they string us along for months on end.

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Copied from the “Vote to Kick” thread last week…

I really hope the new Race regulations help with this issue as it is something community has been asking for years.

Maybe a system where a player a nominates another player to be kicked. and lobby votes in much same way as voting for a track.

Some statistics on nomination should be shown, such as reason for nomination, no. of collisions in previous race, No of times left the track, etc.

Something similar to a sportsmanship rating should be implemented to give an important statistic on a drivers history.

Player kicked if more than 50% of lobby vote to kick, notification and reply automatically sent to the “Race Marshal” program.

There should be some minimum statistics (adjusted by Race Marshals) to be eligible for nomination i.e if you had no collisions or dirty laps you can’t be nominated.

Also, i would prefer to call it “Black Flagged” to keep with a Motorsport theme.

This is the post I want to write after every race but I don’t, knowing they don’t care. Turn 10 needs to either hire new people or just free the spot for other developers to make xbox main racing game. In perfect world it would be Codemasters with GRID Autosport 2.0. T10’s vision of what racing game should be is very blurred and I have no faith in them making a good racing game.

Same except I didn’t buy a wheel and I don’t care about single player much (maybe I would if there was a decent career).

Unfortunately I have to agree, either Turn10 doesn’t care about proper racing or they are not capable of handling the issues.

I’m in the same boat. I bought a X1 for Forza 7 last year. I don’t regret buying the Xbox but in hinsight, buying a Playstation with Gran Turismo would’ve been the better option for me since the creators of GT actually do something for competitive racing.

Since posting this thread, I’ve encountered more and more players griefing, this is ridicoulus. I don’t think I have enough space left on my Xbox to capture every single one of them griefing and sending evidence to Race Marshalls. I’m afraid until the issue with rammers/griefers has been fixed, I’m forced to not play this game which is a shame.

I hope Turn10 finally comes to their senses and address this issue immediately but looking back, probably nothing will happen but us getting another useless Ferrari next month.


I didn’t say it was great, just that I feel I got my monies worth. The so called “career” is nothing but an arbitrary gathering of wildly divergent race types and stupid crap like “bowling” thrown in for some unknown reason. Just tick it off till you get it done, then here’s a stupid self important cutscene, and the reward car is the only thing worth pursuing at all.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine that bowling, tag and such are in the game, but in career? At least the base series lets you ignore that stuff, but the second “Elite” series does nothing but add in more arbitrary goals AND requires you to do those silly ones (which is exactly the collection of those I’ve not finished). Likewise for Drift and Drag, I guess it’s just fortunate that they didn’t exist when the game came out or that would be that many more I would have to skip.

And I still play it from time to time, though not like I had thought when I bought it. It’s really just another game that checks off the “online play” item on the box, but doesn’t actually provide it in any way that buyers are likely to desire and expect.

To reiterate, if you take the times I enjoyed it, and subtract out the very substantial amount of aggravation and disappointment experienced, I would say it was worth about what I paid for the game. But since I have no interest in any other X1 games, and any other racing games are just that much worse, I just have to eat the hardware because it definitely wasn’t worth that much to play FM.

I’m in the same boat. I played FM3 and 4 and before 5 came out I was to busy working and stopped playing. Last year then as I had some money to spare I just thought I buy an xbox one s with fm7. I thought if a game progresses, there would be so much more now. But I was wrong. I thought for example, that the paint-mode must have evolved so much till now. I hoped in FM7 you can now paint from the sides to top in one flow. But its still this pixelated mess and hasnt changed really since 4. If you mirror the side its never mirrored properly (come on). Anyway. The MP is a mess and overall the game lost its shine in its latest iteration. In November T10 gave us the sneak peack of FRR. In December they got “deeper” in to the topic. And I thought, yes, the January Update will bring us the FRR. January: nothing. Now in February they announced that maybe in March we get a Test Hopper only to test Cornercutting-Penalties, so no Hopper where Griefers are penalized in March (urgh!!), so that leaves us with maybe April, where we get a full test-hopper. T10, your walls are mostly preventing corner cutting. We are fine with that for now. Start with penalizing the griefers. Priorities!! Anyway, The testing will take some time, they have to test some changes, so lets say +2 months and then MAYBE in JULY or AUGUST we get FRR. Guys, i decided, I’m out. I will sell my hardware and buy PS4 and GTS. I will no longer stress myself and check this forum for months to hope if it will change this month or next month, or next month, or next month. The Game isn’t THAT bad, but it’s not good. And I want to have an awesome experience. I thought the 7th iteration of Forza would be the most epic racing game ever. I’m dissapointed. You had it all right in front of you. Such a shame. Cheers and sorry for bad english


I bought Forza 7 two weeks ago and have to say the racing was much better in Forza 6 than it is in 7, we still had the rammers though, but for the most part it was clean and good racing.

… so with that mentality I went right into the endurance hopper. I get bumped wide, pushed off, spun out, and shoved out of the way by last place all the way up to the top 3. I have lost my patience a few time and went after people which I’ll admit is the wrong way to do things, but when I try to race clean it seems like I’m the one to pay the price for it.

For an example I was in a race at Monza today, in 5th place and very close to 4th. 16th lap I get along side 4th before the last turn and even though I had a little gap between us I still left room on the inside for him ( he re-takes 4th). Then on to the next lap, I get a better run off of the last chicane than he did and when I get up along side him he swerves over and tries to put me in the grass.

From my very limited experience of this hopper it seems like you can’t trust anyone. The ones at the back just simply don’t care about you and will get by you anyway they can and the ones closer to the front don’t want you to pass so they side-swipe or block.

I like this hopper, I like the cars and I want to learn to tune them and get better at them, but with all crap going on, it’s almost not worth it.

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when you learn to embrace it. The game begins!

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